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Events for April (DATES HAVE CHANGED!!)

Meet and Greet

Date:  Saturday 5th April 2014
Time: 8pm CST / 9 pm EST
Location: Hall of Champions / Rewards hall
Notes: Meet and greet with darts. Bring your own darts, I no longer am able to supply you D:


Blackthrons Council

Date: Sunday April 6th 2014
Time: 7pm CST / 8 pm EST
Location: Blackthorns Castle
Notes: Governors, if you have not yet gotten something you’ve requested please E-Mail me.



Bashingly good time

Date: Sunday April 20th 2014
Time: 7pm CST / 8 pm EST
Location: Bridge before Blackthorn’s Castle
Notes: More clockwork bashing!


Lets get to 100! Covetous Endurance

Date: Wednesday 23rd April 2014
Time: 7pm CST / 8 pm EST
Location: Bridge before Blackthorn’s Castle
Notes: Remember what we’ve been saying happens if we actually get to 100….


So long and thanks for all the fish

Date: Wednesday April 30th 2014
Time: 7pm CST / 8 pm EST
Location: TBA
Notes: There will be death, and manly tears shed this day.



Event chat channel will be     EM-Event

Kittens and Puppies!

Hidden away now is a statue. This statue will reward you greatly if you find it.

For those that aren’t the great thrill seekers:

Saturday 15th of Feb,
8PM Cst / 9PM Est
Meet at WBB

The statue will be moved to a more accessible place on the 15th, so it wont be the same spot as today!!!

Minor Combat, minor RP.
Come ready!


The following are the planned events for December. (Event dates and times may change)

  1. Meet and Greet
    Saturday December 7 2013
    7PM Cst/8PM est
    Arrive at the Malas hall of champions
  2. Blackthorns Council meeting
    Sunday December 8th 2013
    7PM CST/ 8PM Est
    Meet at BT’s council room.
  3. Decorating WBB + Other locations
    Occuring if someone or anyone in the community would like to help, or if they just want a spew of Xmas decorations….
  4. Sandy Claws!
    Sunday December 22nd 2013
    7PM CST/ 8PM Est
    Meet at the bridge before Blackthorns castle.

    lastly: Maybe Guard Promotions and a new years thing.  I’ve got the change the guard system once again, as it is a ton of work to keep updated. I will start to remove names that have not been to events in over a year.  (if they only have one or two events, if they have 30 or 40 I’ll keep them there…)

Council/Governor Meeting

– Governors: Please bring one request or two for something you would like to have done. (for/in your town) We are gotten one from Yew to have a governor house made. That detail has been passed already (to be built) looking for more requests!!!
– Citizens + : Bring your questions for your governors and your king!

The Details:
October 12th
Council/Governor Room

October Events (Changed!)

(Note: Events may be added, changed, or modified, please make sure to see the official posting on the site to be certain. Mostly we will update here as well)

October 12th – Council Meeting – 8PM CST / 9 PM EST
– Governors: Please bring one request or two for something you would like to have done. We are gotten one from Yew to have a governor house made. That detail has been passed already (tbb atm) looking for more requests!
– Citizens + : Bring your questions for your governors and your king!

October 27th – Nimrads Last Booming Boon – 7PM Cst / 8PM Est
– Be ready for battle
– You may want a Pile of snow or Mesanna Pie, etc.  for this. Just a heads up. Actually you will want one… may make a few of the monsters easier to kill…   don’t tell anyone I said anything.

October 30th   Halloween event 
– Event
– Monsters
– Dead People
– You may be attacked in towns from spawns. Log out in safe places, you have been now warned 20 days in advance.

Battle for Cove – Problem with delivery, Date TBA (again.. *sigh*)




Random Gobble De Goop: (For those that want to read)

1. Again, sorry about delay. Not like I’ve ever said that before … … … …. … … … …. .
1.5. It was because i’m trying to find when things are happening yet my agents for work are going back and forth between dates, making planning these trickier..
2. Once again congratulations Governors.
3. If you’ve not seen we have a new poll, feel free to vote
4. If you want to get married, please let us know, you get two blessed rings out of it. (no you can’t carry a castle, I’ve asked)
5. If you have 5 or more buildings together, and are part of a player town, we can get a banner for you!
6. Question: If you had the chance to add something into UO what would it be?
7. Question: If you could do any event, or get any special item, what would you want?  (UO related)



A New yew Governor has been selected!

All seats are now filled for Blackthorn’s Castle.

Thank you to everyone who entered. 😀


Hear yee, Hear yee:

The town of Yew is still in need of a Governor.

King Blackthorn request that everyone who wishes to fill this position send in a quick note explaining why they feel they would be the best fit for Yew. How will “Yew” beable to make a difference?


Since the power and internet thing still is not 100%  I ask that you E-Mail:   &

Please leave out your character name, we don’t want to have bias when choosing.
Explain why you want to be governor
What you will plan to do as governor
How you will improve the city and the council.
Give one or two ideas you would like King Blackthron to read through, as if you made it to the first council meeting. (the ideas can be about how to help a town, adding new walls, building a stadium, donating to the poor, etc. just make sure there is good reason for it.)

Auto and I will look over everyones E-Mails  and share with a few other EMs.  Then when we have decided we will respond to each e-mail informing them if they have been selected or not.
Submissions may be posted on site for players to comment as well.   DO NOT INCLUDE: PERSONAL, ACCOUNT, OR ANY SORT OF INFORMATION you feel would compromise you.  Just send an e-mail with what is requested above, and try to remain as Anon as possible. We don’t want any bias, or know who you are. We just want to know how you will make the town better, etc.

DEADLINE: Saturday 20th of July, 2013.    at  8PM CST / 9PM EST

Some events for the month…

Okay, things are really late this month, I know. This is mainly since I’ve been busy, yell at me for that, I’m sorry 🙁
I’m also in a new time zone, Mountain standard time… So you will now notice I’ll be adding Mountain time at the end.  It will now be  CST/EST/MST  (i know MST is -7 and and EST is -5,  but the shard is a CST shard, so I put CST first!)
ANNNDDD since I don’t have my schedule up and running yet, I probably will change some of the event dates/times… If I do I will be sure to post on the site!
ANNNDDDD I may add something else, but for sure we are going to do what is on this list!

Mothers Day Covetous Dungeon Run
Sunday, May 12th
(Basically a normal Covetous Dungeon survival, except that you should spend time for mothers day first.)
8PM Central / 9PM Eastern / 7pm Mountain


Exodus Bash!~
Wednesday, May 15th
7PM Central /8PM Eastern /6pm Mountain

Darts Final!~
Sunday, May 19th
(this is also going to be a little meet and greet and usual, the darts are just to make meet and greets more fun)
7PM Central /8PM Eastern /6pm Mountain


Vesper Investigation
Tuesday, May 28th
8:30PM Central /9:30PM Eastern /7:30pm Mountain


Aname Update

Howdy folks… Okay little update… with a big post.

My E-Mail has had some major issues,    everything from March 11 – present time    is gone.  Like gone gone..    so If you have sent me something, (not about the statue, I’m sure I’ve fixed it thrice now) please re-send it.  Sorry for any hassle this may cause…

2. (Click the images to see them better)
Next.  I notice some players saying they have a hard time trying to read the text, wanting us to speak in all caps.
If you are using Windows you are able to use an Application called. Magnifier.

Go into.
Program Files > Accessories > Ease of Access > Magnifier.
Or search Magnifier.

What you will want to do is, at the side of your screen place a Docked version.
Then change the size to best fit what you are comfortable with/ what works best with your screen.
The way you can change the size is by selecting the top bar, right clicking then selecting Size.
Magnifer Example 4

Now that you have it docked. It will follow your cursor around, and just make things appear larger, items and text.
Magnifer Example 3
You are able to change the level of magnification to whatever works best for you.
Magnifer Example 2
You can also use this on the Journal and have it enlarged and easier to read.
Magnifer Example
This could take some getting used to but it will help if you truly have issues with seeing text as we RP.
Hopefully this will be of some help.

Events for April will be happening soon, we will get a list up shortly…  (LS EM Shortly, not normal person shortly)

Guard point system will be updated. Auto and I will look into changing it for faster promotion through the ranks…

We are also still able to do weddings if anyone wants to get married, please send us a message.
(Has to be two characters,  can not marry you to an NPC, Castle (I’ve asked), house, rock, pet, animal, etc.)


We are almost done our darts league,  come April we will have finished 9/10 of the games. Would you like us to do another set of darts? or a different game?
Let us know in the comments, or E-Mail us.

Spooky House Contest?!

Halloween! Spooky Ghosts! Skeletronz~! And other scary things!

We, auto + myself, want to see the best Halloween/spooky themed houses that you can think of! To make it more fair, and less “We are picking favorites” we are going to have Other EMs pick their favorites, no names attached, in addition to our vote! (if they have the time)

We ask you this!

1) Make a spooky/Halloween themed house. (In UO on LS)
2) Make that house public!
3) Take screen shots of each level, in 2d or EC (or both!),
3.5) Send them to
4) Let us know where you are,   Give us the XY location, or a good ol’ Rune in the mailbox.

What we are doing.
1. Upon getting the SS and location, we will post internally to the EMs.
2. Plan a tour of all the houses, winners and not.
3. Remind everyone that they are winners.
4. Try to get something to mention all the winners/entrants.
5. Some sort of mass killings and some other fun things to come.

Deadline will be October 21st at 10:59PM Central     /    11:59PM Eastern (if you are a few minutes late it doesn’t matter just can’t be hours late)


(*in small print* event condition may change based of what auto changes in this post)