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The Spider Attacks

To Major Wolf Ironseeker;

During my patrol of the Minoc/Vesper area, I came across what I believe to have been a surviving infiltrator of the battle at Minoc the previous day.  The spider was apparently attempting to stay hidden from patrols by wading in the river while moving from Minoc towards Vesper.

After surveying the area and not finding any additional enemy forces, I proceeded to fish out and exterminate the insect.  With assistance from DrCossack and Lord Equalis, the creature was dealt with in a timely manner.

Taeara Mi’Aken, Woman at Arms, Royal Guard Medic Corps

As he sat at his desk and looked over the last report he knew that things were getting worse.  Reports coming in from all over the Minoc Vesper area of increasing spider attacks, seems as though they were heading to something bad.


As he sits back to contemplate his next move, a guardsmen comes running in.

“Sir,” as he barley catches his breath. “Sir, the Minoc mines, the spiders, someone sited preforming rituals, they.. they..”

Slow down, what has happened?”

“Sir, there was some sort of sorcerer spotted in the area of the mines.  We think he has something to do with the spiders that have been attacking the area.  He had a small pouch on him containing some vials of blood, mushrooms, spider webs, and fire materials.  He got away before we could capture him.  We think he is hold up somewhere in the mines outside of Minoc but we can’t get near there with all these spiders.”

He knew what needed to be done then.  Sergeant Major Wolf Ironseeker is asking everyone, guardsmen or not, to help assault the mines in Minoc and put these spiders and whoever is behind them to rest once and for all.  Please assemble in the courtyard outside of Castle Blackthorn on Friday June 6th at 7pm CST ready for a fight.

As The Spiders Slowly Cripple The Realm

I am reporting that several members of the Royal Guard have extinguished the spiders from Vesper.
Taera Mi’Aken , Cruze, Drcossack, SilverDream, And My self dealt with them rather quickly.
We searched and could no longer see any evidence of spiders in Vesper.


As the Royal Guard got back from patroling Minoc and Vesper yet gain he knew that they had to find out who was behind this.  It was just too convenient that the spiders kept attacking like they did.  The guard patrols had found clues that suggested a person but who and why?

Then it struck him – as long as whoever kept doing this it kept Minoc in fear the miners were not working.  Ore was not flowing out of the mountain like it once did.  Blacksmiths and tinkers anvils grew slowly silent. Vesper’s docks grew silent also as ship sought a safe harbor to unload.  This area was slowly being crippled and soon it would be effecting the whole kingdom.

He knew then that they had to more then double their efforts in hopes of catching a glimpse or hint of who this was.  As he studied the clues left from the guard reports, he was thinking that this was perhaps someone who knew something of magic or rituals.  He went off to study in the royal library to see if any of these clues made sense.

Events for April (DATES HAVE CHANGED!!)

Meet and Greet

Date:  Saturday 5th April 2014
Time: 8pm CST / 9 pm EST
Location: Hall of Champions / Rewards hall
Notes: Meet and greet with darts. Bring your own darts, I no longer am able to supply you D:


Blackthrons Council

Date: Sunday April 6th 2014
Time: 7pm CST / 8 pm EST
Location: Blackthorns Castle
Notes: Governors, if you have not yet gotten something you’ve requested please E-Mail me.



Bashingly good time

Date: Sunday April 20th 2014
Time: 7pm CST / 8 pm EST
Location: Bridge before Blackthorn’s Castle
Notes: More clockwork bashing!


Lets get to 100! Covetous Endurance

Date: Wednesday 23rd April 2014
Time: 7pm CST / 8 pm EST
Location: Bridge before Blackthorn’s Castle
Notes: Remember what we’ve been saying happens if we actually get to 100….


So long and thanks for all the fish

Date: Wednesday April 30th 2014
Time: 7pm CST / 8 pm EST
Location: TBA
Notes: There will be death, and manly tears shed this day.



Event chat channel will be     EM-Event

October Events (Changed!)

(Note: Events may be added, changed, or modified, please make sure to see the official posting on the site to be certain. Mostly we will update here as well)

October 12th – Council Meeting – 8PM CST / 9 PM EST
– Governors: Please bring one request or two for something you would like to have done. We are gotten one from Yew to have a governor house made. That detail has been passed already (tbb atm) looking for more requests!
– Citizens + : Bring your questions for your governors and your king!

October 27th – Nimrads Last Booming Boon – 7PM Cst / 8PM Est
– Be ready for battle
– You may want a Pile of snow or Mesanna Pie, etc.  for this. Just a heads up. Actually you will want one… may make a few of the monsters easier to kill…   don’t tell anyone I said anything.

October 30th   Halloween event 
– Event
– Monsters
– Dead People
– You may be attacked in towns from spawns. Log out in safe places, you have been now warned 20 days in advance.

Battle for Cove – Problem with delivery, Date TBA (again.. *sigh*)




Random Gobble De Goop: (For those that want to read)

1. Again, sorry about delay. Not like I’ve ever said that before … … … …. … … … …. .
1.5. It was because i’m trying to find when things are happening yet my agents for work are going back and forth between dates, making planning these trickier..
2. Once again congratulations Governors.
3. If you’ve not seen we have a new poll, feel free to vote
4. If you want to get married, please let us know, you get two blessed rings out of it. (no you can’t carry a castle, I’ve asked)
5. If you have 5 or more buildings together, and are part of a player town, we can get a banner for you!
6. Question: If you had the chance to add something into UO what would it be?
7. Question: If you could do any event, or get any special item, what would you want?  (UO related)


Then and Now

Entry 1:

The sound of the loud horn trembled throughout the room; it was yet another long morning at guard training camp. Whose parents sends their kids to guard training camp, and not something cool like fishing camp, or basic wizardry camp? Even my neighbour Kimmel got to go to a scribing camp. Guess that is the difference between spoiled children and me… *sigh*

Only get ten minutes to get out of bed, and dressed.

“To be ready for action” they said, “Be thankful you have ten minutes” they said. Some mornings it feels more like slave camp then guard camp. Last week a kid, two bunks away from me slept through the alarm and he is still not done scrubbing the cobble stones in the castle.

The camp “activities” are just marching in order, turning every now and then, marching again, and turning, and so on. Real “brave and heroic”.  No guard actually marches anyways, why do we have to know this? What a waste of my time. The only thing that keeps me going through the day is knowing I would get to do weapons training. I was the best in my camp, for everything other than the bow and crossbow. Some elf everyone called Algae or something. Think he is some hot shot only getting bull’s-eyes. He even shoots an arrow through another one making the first one explode. What a show off.


Entry 7:


Could the day get any worse? We are doing survival training and I’m stuck with “Mr. Hotshot”. I don’t even speak Elvish, this is the worst camp ever. I will try to be friends but if he doesn’t speak human, than we are going to be the first to lose in survival training and become the laughing stock of the camp.

Continue reading Then and Now


A New yew Governor has been selected!

All seats are now filled for Blackthorn’s Castle.

Thank you to everyone who entered. 😀


Hear yee, Hear yee:

The town of Yew is still in need of a Governor.

King Blackthorn request that everyone who wishes to fill this position send in a quick note explaining why they feel they would be the best fit for Yew. How will “Yew” beable to make a difference?


Since the power and internet thing still is not 100%  I ask that you E-Mail:   &

Please leave out your character name, we don’t want to have bias when choosing.
Explain why you want to be governor
What you will plan to do as governor
How you will improve the city and the council.
Give one or two ideas you would like King Blackthron to read through, as if you made it to the first council meeting. (the ideas can be about how to help a town, adding new walls, building a stadium, donating to the poor, etc. just make sure there is good reason for it.)

Auto and I will look over everyones E-Mails  and share with a few other EMs.  Then when we have decided we will respond to each e-mail informing them if they have been selected or not.
Submissions may be posted on site for players to comment as well.   DO NOT INCLUDE: PERSONAL, ACCOUNT, OR ANY SORT OF INFORMATION you feel would compromise you.  Just send an e-mail with what is requested above, and try to remain as Anon as possible. We don’t want any bias, or know who you are. We just want to know how you will make the town better, etc.

DEADLINE: Saturday 20th of July, 2013.    at  8PM CST / 9PM EST

April Events!

Once again,
Events for the month,  Dates/times may change, we will post to warn you if something does….
More events may be added.


April 7th – Darts League 9 of 10
Join us Sunday April 7th for our second last darts league games! All are welcome to join. Come chat with us, and have some fun
Meet: Rewards hall (gate provided at WBB and NH bank)
April 12th – Bashing Exodus
Clockwork exoduses are plaguing the land. We are going to do our best to defeat 3 or 4 of them within 1 hour!
Meet: In front of the bridge to Blackthrons’ castle
April 26th – Nimrad Digs
The Mad Alchemist, meets the Mad Shoemaker. Help Nimrad solve this mysterious problem!
8PM Cst / 9PM EST
Gates will be provided at: WBB, NH Bank, Luna Bank
April 23rd – Guard Training
Guards! Attention! We have started to get out of shape! Time to do some more drills!
7PM Cst / 8PM Est
Meet: Blackthorns’ Castle Throne Room


April 19th – Covetous Dungeon Party!
Can we make it past the 50’s? Who knows. We are striving for the 100 mark! Come join us and save the void pool!
8 PM  Cst / 9PM EST
Meet: In front of the bridge to Blackthrons’ castle

Jonas to Continue Investigation

Event location: Serpents Hold, Trammel (gate from New Haven)
Date/Time: Monday, February 18 at 8pm CST / 9pm EST

It was a peculiarly warm winter day in Britain. Commander Volund shielded his gaze as he walked into the courtyard of Castle Blackthorn. He paused for a moment, allowing his eyes to adjust to the bright sun before he was off at a fast pace. The Royal Guard Commander was a bit agitated Jonas Grumby would snub the briefing. However, he knew exactly where he’d find the old pirate on a beautiful day like this. That brought a slight grin to his lips. Continue reading Jonas to Continue Investigation

Stranger Friends? (pt. 3)

A strange man, who seems vaguely familiar, approaches you.
He asks that you go into the gate at Western Brit. Bank that he will make for you.
Everything will be explained when there!

Meet: West Brit. Bank
Time: 7pm CST / 8pm EST
Date: Sunday 20th 2013

(this is mainly RP event, heads up)


At this time there are only 5 Nimrad A Cloned out!
I will announce on here when the real bbeg’s appear.
I had an issue with one of them, and it killed the others (The irony eh?)

Their appearance will be posted a day before on site, and the criers will be talking about them too when they appear.