Foot Race and Regatta

Foot race – Tuesday, July 19 at 7pm CST / 8pm EST
Regatta – Friday, July 22 at 8pm CST / 9pm EST
Where: Meet at Luna Fairgrounds


The 2011 Britannian Games will soon be coming to a close. Ilshenar and Felucca hold commanding leads over the pack. With the exception of the jousting event, won by Ter Mur, these two facets have taken every gold of these Games.

This next Tuesday we will hold the foot race event. We’ll be taking the race of past years, and adding a few… enhancements. Should help even the field a bit.

Friday will be the Regatta! Players will be encouraged to form small crews, by facet, so get your friends in on the action. This is an event best enjoyed with help. You will be required to sail your own classic style ship, so put in drydock whatever you have. Rules and course map to follow:


Participants will launch from Zento and follow the defined course to each checkpoint.  At the Checkpoint they will be required to disembark from the ship, retrieve an item from a box on shore, and return to their ship and proceed to the next check point.  The first three complete the circuit and return with all the items will be declared the winners.  Event staff will record the names of those obtaining items at each check point to verify.   No one may leave their ship except at Checkpoints,  anyone one found to be cheating will be disqualified.


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