Guard Reports – updated March 07, 2014

What is a guard reports?
A guard report is an in game book which your character writes.
It contains information about things that are occurring in game: a recent guard related event or aspects of the event, strange occurrences which shouldn’t be happening such as the Brit Bank’s Tree being on fire, or RP related information.

What is the point of a guard report?
It helps build a deeper understanding of what is happening in the game.  It gains the character that writes the books Guard Experience, which will help you get a promotion.
It gives you something to look around for.

Where are they submitted?
The Royal Guard training house. There is a suit of armor in front of Britian Castle’s bridge which when double clicked will teleport you there. You walk into the house and then find the mail box, and drop the book off. – note please hold off dropping them their for the time being.  I will accept them on the Stratics forums and email and strongly encourage screen shots as part of the report.


Title: Guard Report
Author: Character in the guard’s name

Wednesday July 20, I found a strange portal which when you move around it slows you down. This portal is located by the Skara farms, the first ones if approaching from the dock.

Simple and with that you would be one small step closer to becoming promoted in the guards ranks. The more information and the more relative it is, the more guard experience you can obtain.

5 thoughts on “Guard Reports – updated March 07, 2014”

  1. I would just like to both *chuckle* and show my appreciation for your new Reports Accounted for system. If you feel I report too much let me know, however it is nice to have a Bag dedicated to my reports/findings! XD
    On that note I would like to agree with Kariny, we should add a link to this particular post, perhaps within the Categories section. Another option, would be to create a new page called Guard Protocol, and include reports as part of that page. (That page could include Aggro Vation’s R.G Training Manual as well as general information Guard Members should know.)

  2. Could you please check your records, I was awarded the promotion of Private 1st Class.
    I remember being called up to receive my Sash and still have it.I will wear to next Guard Meeting. As always ty for your time and efforts.

    Hawklin Lore/Jack Wagon

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