L-Ag Part 2, A Cure?

It would appear the L-Ag has grown stronger:  It has taken over 6 different location across Trammel and Ishenar, their forces appear to be more organized and forceful, and it seems to be effecting locations other than farms. A cure is currently being work on, though it will take time.

All guards are asked to check the three known locations for any change, and search out the last three!
Current Known Locations:
– Skara Brea Farms (57 o 13’S 35 o 13’W)
– Jhelom Farms (174 o 11’S  9 o 50’W)
– Yew Farm – (54 o 19’N   44 o 43’W)
– Moonglow City (although the L-Ag seems to have vanished?)

If any new information is found, please write a guard report, and hand it in to the guard training grounds. (Double click the statue by Brit. Castle’s Drawbridge and move North towards the house, place the guard report book into the mail box)

Recap From L-Ag Part 1 (thanks for wonderful guard reports, some blanks filled in, but mostly left in tact)

The guards were out training doing drills under Kimmel’s watchful eye. The day seemed normal, as there was few that understood how to follow orders. Halfway through training, a farmer ran up to the guards. Then vanished. The guards resumed their drills. In a matter of moments the guard re-appeared, running to the guards. He asked for help about his home farm in Skara. Kimmel took action and order the guards to investigate!

Upon their arrival they found the alchemist Nimrad wandering around the troubled land. Some guards attacked the old, tad crazy, man. Other attempted to communicate. When Nimrad finally calmed down, First Sargent Clemons jumped from a bush and tackled him down. The alchemist attempted to get away from the strong Sargent’s grip though was unable, until the land itself started to spawn “L-Aged Monsters”. Clemons had to release his grip, which gave Nimrad a moment to escape.

A few guards didn’t attempt to fight and attempted to follow the alchemist and apprehend him peacefully. They were able to get the alchemist to stop running and were working on convincing him to work and get a cure to the L-Ag. Before the alchemist could agree to anything Clemons shows up and threatens the alchemist. Nimrad starts talking mad, and ignores all reason at this point. Clemons took out his weapon and pummeled Nimrad to the ground.

Slightly insane and confused Nimrad stood blank faced at Clemons. Before anything could be done, Clemons told Nimrad he had to eat the L-Ag to solve the issue; Unbeknownst in his current state, Nimrad obliged. Realization stuck him as the illness spread throughout his system. He attempted to get to his lab to cure himself but was forced into a gate which lead to Yew Jail.

The guards were outraged at the actions of Clemons. A few started to rebel, and assist the Alchemist even against orders. A gargl mage casted a gate to an unknown location, luna, where Nimrad was able to escape. Clemons snapped a started verbally attacking the Guards especially those who were Elf and Gargl. Those who witnessed the event agreed to take things up with Kimmel and the Second Lieutenant.

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  1. I felt i should ask this publicly since it seems the 6th spot is evading every1s eye. Is the 6th location still going to be Moonglow. I just feel as though Im putting extra miles on my poor llama everyday. That and i know how you love reading my enhanced reports……daily *grins*

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