Nimrad has informed us that he will have the antidote completed the end of the month, he asks that everyone meet at the West Brit Bank, there he will gate you to a more private location.
He asks that the evil Clemons not come, also he  states he will report the good behaviour, since the only EVIL guard is Mr. Clemons, to the nice guards like Sir Geoffery or The Second Lt., or that corporal guy that was promoted because people couldn’t say his name.

Where? West Brit. Bank
When? 8pm EST   /   7PM CST
Date? Wednesday August 31st 2011

13 thoughts on “De-L-Ag’d”

  1. Good Job Tonight! On a seperate note. The passing of items via a Box appears to be a poor decision. There are too many trouble makers. On that note I noticed the Defiler Hand being passed out was much smoother. It was passed out using a Gargoyle Statue (unaxable people dont cast on it etc…) Perhaps it is something to look into. Or Perhaps I am crazy, either way good event!

  2. In general, yes, you’re right. A statue simply cannot, under normal circumstances, be axed where a container generally can be.

    That chest wasn’t supposed to be able to be destroyed, like that, but….well…3rd time is the charm. 😉 Lol.

  3. Was I talking to you Airmid? No.

    I understand you want to suck up to the EM’s,
    because you do get treated somehwhat more special than your average player by the EM’s here (if you tell me I am wrong you are a liar) but did I mention your name? Did anything I said have anything to do with you? No.

    I have done nothing but help everytime you asked for it.

    Never Again.

    You changed.

    It’s not my fault this EM that is ‘elder’ still has many problems when it comes to planning and holding events. No reason to pick on me.

    I am sorry you feel comfortable with such low standards from a vet EM.

  4. Don’t mistake my comments Care Bear, you can have an opinion and not be so hateful in it’s delivery. That’s not sucking up, it’s being human and treating another human as such. Being cool to one another, even when critical is what rulez in my book every day of the week.

  5. Care Bears Be Less Grumpy… The EM’s do what they do for the community. If they fail sometimes, or something doesn’t go as planned, they do a good job of keeping order and trying to make it, and the story right. If you get so mad about it, you can always: Not Attend. Attend other servers events. Or Continue to be an EMO ANNOYING PEST, WHO DOESN’T LIKE ANYTHING. *cough* Sorry, where did that come from? Any who… I think I made my point. Airmid you should not have to defend your light hearted remark at all. I mean for Care Bearz to blow up over something as small as “Care Bear does not rule ^_^ Just fyi”
    Shows just how immature he is, and his comments degrading you and the EM’s is the only thing I have seen that needs and apology.

  6. Everyone,

    I like to consider the comment system on this site to be an open forum for both compliment and criticism alike. Nonetheless, please refrain from personal attacks on other players. As of yet, we have never rejected or moderated comments to the site… and I really do not want to have to start. This isn’t Stratics; I really only have one rule and it is a new one as of now:

    No more attacks on your fellow shard mates, please.

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