Confederate Statement

Egil, presumed leader of the Confederacy for a Unified Sosaria, released this statement:

“The Royal Guard’s recent incursion into Ilshenar was deplorable! Can their thirst for blood  never be quenched? A village of intelligent, sentient beings… Mothers, fathers, children, an organized and structured society; brutally slaughtered as cattle! Some Guards went so far as to engage in acts of perversion! Does their barbarism know no bounds?

The Confederacy for a Unified Sosaria has pledged itself to protecting such beings. A multi-racial contingent, evidence of the ways in which CIVILIZED beings can cooperate, responded to the scene. Unfortunately these brave and selfless Confederate souls were struck down by the overwhelming force of vile brigands in the Guard.

The wholesale slaughter of sentient beings must end! This Order, the crown, your Virtues! They only serve to romanticize what is little more than decimation and carnage. Those believing in the rights of freedom, equality, and above all PEACE; leave the bloodshed of innocents behind. Pledge your support for the Confederacy, and let us return Sosaria to its Golden Age.”

6 thoughts on “Confederate Statement”

  1. lol suppose we wanted to join in this fight against the guards will there be an actual ingame choice where we can chose and if so will there be a way so we cant switch sides for our own profit. i get tired of people fliping sides during events for a *rare* prize

  2. ok thankyou for responding quickly. i feel muich better knowing we arent gonna have another fel vs tram type event where fel fights itself and trammies run off with the goodies

  3. Trammies = Care Bears? Nubs? Pansies? Daffodils? Squishies? etc. 😀
    Not that this represents my feelings towards them at all. *Cough* It does! *Cough*, I am just mentioning some other synonyms for the word Trammies.

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