A call to spy!

The Royal Guard, with the aid of the Mage Tower, has successfully used Bon Iver’s Blacknox drill to remove a piece of the cave barricade in Ilshenar. Several Guardsmen died upon entering. It is well defended by Confederates.

All Guards adept in the art of stealth, aspiring to be spies, are asked to help. Stealthers should be able to penetrate the defenses, albeit with much difficulty. Only the bravest should attempt. Any information gathered should be submitted in the form of a report.

You can find the cave in Ilshenar, near 25° North and 70° West.

You can submit Guard reports by dropping your book off at the underground training house. This can be found by using the armor statue outside Castle Britannia, Trammel.

Note: This cave can be extremely dangerous. Please do not attempt to enter without stealth. You may not be able to recover your corpse, if killed, so leave all valuables in your bank or at home!

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