Another Note?

A scrap piece of paper is blown by the wind into your hand…

“Notice now, people of Sosaria that ‘The City of Love’, Cove remains peaceful. Despite the aggression the guards have shown towards Cove’s people, we the Confederates have made sure they could still survive. With their docks blocked off, by the Royal Guards, herbs and medicines that they need to heal and cure the sick were impossible to gather; we made sure they had them. When Cove’s fishing was successful and they needed to sell product, we purchased. Cove is happy now and their people are restful, unless some unwanted, unneeded, and forceful people appear attempting claim over them when they were abandoned, due to some bell.

Britain, the Guard’s loved and prided city has begun to see these faults! The people are now finally standing up for their rights! Fighting for fair treatment and a just rule! How do the guards react to this? They tie people up with ropes and toss them into jail! They call that justice, “order”, and following the virtues! Rubish! They are a junta attempting to rule by fear, no care towards their people. If someone strays slightly from what they want, they remove you.

We from the Confederacy are not going to let all the people stand, though some of them are taking the wrong actions. To prove we are still “Virtuous” I have asked my fellow Confederates to assist defending Vesper, and Vesper alone. We will not kill, or jail the citizen however, we will merely make sure that they town remains Raider free and that fires are kept down.

Anyone who wishes to show their support for our cause should do the same. It hurts us to see the towns in such chaos; the people are right, they need have their free will back!


4 thoughts on “Another Note?”

  1. lol dude worry about your own towns before they get themselves burnt to the ground. the main reason that cove/the confeds are helping vesper is because its a neighboring city as a sign of good faith.

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