What Nine Thous….!?!

“Sir, a scout document just arrived, here…” the young guard handed the second lieutenant the note.

“Read it to me please.” James replied

“I’ve made it most of the way in with a large group of Raiders. They seem to be plotting two or three large scale attacks soon. I am trying to work my way in with them as an “Official Member” but some suspect me. They have a large number of troops, trained with weapons and magic. I have only made my way passed a few squadrons, but it seems there is slightly over nine thousand Raiders ready to move out…”

“What!?! Nine thousand!?” James crumpled the papers he was just working on in his hand.

“Sorry sir, should I continue?”

Second Lieutenant James R. nodded.

“I’m not highly”ranked” among them so I can’t say how many will move out, but they are planning on hitting hard and fast. All the cities will need protection for the days they attacking. More to come shortly, if I can.”

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