Note report!

“The raiders have started to move. They sent a scouting party out yesterday to see which towns are the least defended. Reports back are as followed…
Britian – Well Guarded
Cove – All Raiders killed before even reaching the town no information on the protectors
Jhelom – Poor Defense
Minoc – Average
Moonglow – Well Guarded
New Mag – Well Guarded
Skara – Fair
Trinsic – Easily infiltrated and taken
Vesper – Most raiders were shot down by stealthed archers before reaching town
Yew – Fair

I’m not exactly sure what these reports mean to you, however I know they are moving out tomorrow en mass. Please make sure everyone in town remains safe! Do anything you can. I will keep you updated as I continue gathering intel.”

One thought on “Note report!”

  1. wow so sad cove defended very well by the confeds and skara and vespers was jsut one guild taking out the majority. only readon magincia was saved was because the captain of guard went. all in all i can see the towns falling tomorrow. srry toNIGHT!!!

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