Investigation into smuggling

Update: Hints! To get things started with White Wash, ask him about “smuggling”. The smuggling in question is out of “Buc’s Den” and to “Cove”.ย  When he asks for ale, you can give him a bottle or a pitcher. The pitcher might save you 10k and a little time. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The stranger WWJ speaks of, is in East Brit (in the southwest part of East Brit). His name will be “Mysterious Stranger” or something of that sort. Ask him about “Orcs”.

Basically, Orc/Orcs or Smuggling is the way to get the first few NPCs talking.

When you get to Nujel’m to find the Confed, ask her about an “alliance”. She’ll eventually have you retrieve an item for her. Careful, it has a 60-second decay timer. If you fail to get it back to her in time, you are able to retrieve a new item after 4 hours have passed. 1 try every 4 hours per character.

I don’t want to help anyone with the Fel portion too much. I’ll just say, there are 2 NPCs to meet in Fel. First the Mage Tower dude, he’ll give you a task. You can find him and the tower just north of Encyclopedia Magika in Felucca. You’ll have to go to the location he mentions and find a nearby NPC to talk to to find out the time and day to come back. Whatever time he gives will be in CST.ย  Once you tell the mage tower guy the info he wants, he’ll refer you to some TB guy to wrap up the information with.

Good luck!


Last month, the Royal Guard successfully raided a smuggling operation functioning out of Buc’s Den. While shipments via Buc’s Den have ceased, Cove continues to participate in some measure of noticeable trade. Commander Volund, under the advisement of Jonas Grumby, asks that Britannia’s Guard and citizens look into the matter. Jonas suggests starting with someone that that Royal Guard may be familiar with; his old crewmate, White Wash John. As usual, he’ll be enjoying a bath and/or drink in Buc’s Den, Trammel.

Any information learned should be reported. If you are unfamiliar with submitting a Guard report, please visit this page.

Find White Wash John in Buc’s Den. Ask him about smuggling. It should be enough to get you started.

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  1. A few of you have submitted reports, now. It seems nobody has made it past White Wash John, yet. Once you get all the information possible out of one person, you should obtain clues on where to find the next person.

  2. Went to WhiteWash- gave him a bunch of Ale’s – then he said something about -what was theEvil Ol’ Meer Spell, they used on the Juka- that’s why we got the Solen Ants? he said what was the spell? I’m confused.

  3. Don’t hate White Wash for his illiteracy. ๐Ÿ˜› Hehe.

    I’ll be posting some clues up tomorrow to help people through the first couple parts. I understand that so much of it is vague (intentionally so) and that, at least the beginning, requires knowledge on our most recent storyline events.

    Also, for those that got to the SL part in Fel (one of you, it seems)… they will be appearing again in a couple days for those that missed out. For those that don’t know what I’m talking about…keep working on the event, and stay tuned for hints tomorrow, and you soon will. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I got it… well I think I do.. thanks to Draken.. and the cost of a interior decorator to give to White Wash.. lol… now.. to look for that stranger.. in Britain.. *sigh

  5. LOL for those of yah who dont know the stranger is in east brit near the docks. ive only dont the felpart but the next stage is at the mage tower directly north of moonglow past the moonglow/ papua tele best of luck yah

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