Making camp

Update: Three tiers were setup for each resource being gathered. Each tier reached would grant more support in Monday’s battle. I’m proud to announce that the top tier was acquired in every item!

-With 25.5k silver coins and 44k gold ingots, many mercenaries will be bought for the fight tomorrow.

-With just over 60k of each of reagents required for resurrection, and 4k resurrection scrolls, the maximum amount of healers will be deployed.

-3,500 smoke and egg bombs were gathered. Just enough to equip the maximum amount of skirmishers. These skirmishers will sneak in in advance and lessen the overall bad-guy count.

-Along with the smoke bombs, 2,700 black powder was brought in. 2,500 was all that was necessary in order to arm every advance skirmisher with a Nimrad-designed directional charge. With this charge, skirmishers will be able to remove some structural defenses before our arrival.

Monday’s battle will go significantly easier than it would have, thanks to the selfless contributions of all those that came out to help make camp. Well done!


In preparation for operations in Ilshenar, Sir Dupre, with the aid of the Royal Guard, hopes to secure valuable supplies in the tumultuous lands. The needed items will be announced Sunday evening. Donated resources will have a direct impact on Monday’s event. Amount of support received (Good-aligned NPCs, healers, etc) will scale directly to the quantity of supplies gathered.

When: Sunday, June 24 at 9pm CST / 10pm EST
Where: Castle Britannia, Trammel

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