The Movement Begins!

Ahhh, what a lovely day on the country side, of Yew. Sunlight warming you, and a soft breeze on your back. A perfect day, to head to a major bank to sell your very valuable goods.

You head over to the bank, and attempt to sell your things, only to realize that everyone isn’t at that bank… Maybe they are all just tired from adventuring.

As you pack up your lovely top of the line, best of the best, wares, a hooded figure hands you a note…

“Excuse me, it would seem that you dropped this! You must not leave trash on the streets!”

The kind citizen places the note into your hand, and not suspiciously or suddenly, vanishes.

Having tired from this entire experience, you head back to your home. Ahh, nothing quite like home….

Hrmm, I wonder what was on the paper you think…  Probably something very important, as you can’t remember even having  a paper to begin with…
(You recall all the times you have forgotten where you have placed important things, like the key to your boat, or house)

“Dear all,

We are heading out to stop some very evil things, and to gain new members into our confederacy. Sign ups will begin, and there will be a serious test at hand this coming day.

For anyone wishing to aid, the good guys, the ones that do the small yet great deeds which change the worlds for the better,

Please meet us in our capital.


You drop the note in shock! What will I do!!!

Please Meet.

Saturday June 30th 2012
During the time of          8PM Central      |       9PM Eastern
At the location: The City of Cove, Banking District!

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