Spooky House Contest?!

Halloween! Spooky Ghosts! Skeletronz~! And other scary things!

We, auto + myself, want to see the best Halloween/spooky themed houses that you can think of! To make it more fair, and less “We are picking favorites” we are going to have Other EMs pick their favorites, no names attached, in addition to our vote! (if they have the time)

We ask you this!

1) Make a spooky/Halloween themed house. (In UO on LS)
2) Make that house public!
3) Take screen shots of each level, in 2d or EC (or both!),
3.5) Send them to Aname@uoem.net
4) Let us know where you are,   Give us the XY location, or a good ol’ Rune in the mailbox.

What we are doing.
1. Upon getting the SS and location, we will post internally to the EMs.
2. Plan a tour of all the houses, winners and not.
3. Remind everyone that they are winners.
4. Try to get something to mention all the winners/entrants.
5. Some sort of mass killings and some other fun things to come.

Deadline will be October 21st at 10:59PM Central     /    11:59PM Eastern (if you are a few minutes late it doesn’t matter just can’t be hours late)


(*in small print* event condition may change based of what auto changes in this post)

4 thoughts on “Spooky House Contest?!”

  1. There is always the next one… The “Holiday”/X-Mas/Etc. deco coming up. So we will try to get a bit earlier notice for that.

    As for this one, we have a top three now. We will get the submissions uploaded on the site soon, and have a bit of a tour in the coming days.

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