Jonas to Continue Investigation

Event location: Serpents Hold, Trammel (gate from New Haven)
Date/Time: Monday, February 18 at 8pm CST / 9pm EST

It was a peculiarly warm winter day in Britain. Commander Volund shielded his gaze as he walked into the courtyard of Castle Blackthorn. He paused for a moment, allowing his eyes to adjust to the bright sun before he was off at a fast pace. The Royal Guard Commander was a bit agitated Jonas Grumby would snub the briefing. However, he knew exactly where he’d find the old pirate on a beautiful day like this. That brought a slight grin to his lips.

Volund’s boots crunched lightly as he moved through the grass off the southwest corner of the castle, outside the walls and along the water. He slowed as he spotted a figure only a dozen paces ahead. It was a familiar image to the Commander, and it only served to exacerbate his agitation. Passed out under a tree, skullcap pulled over his eyes, was the drunken form of Jonas Grumby.

Volund picked up Jonas’ fishing rod as he approached, the line tangled in some weeds along the bank. He pulled the fishing rod back several times, attempting to free the entangled line, before giving up and throwing the rod to the ground.

“Didn’t work for me, neither.” Jonas groaned as he tried to sit up, skullcap still pulled over his eyes. He made little attempt at rising before collapsing back to the ground, knocking over his bottle of liquor as he went. “Oi, mate, gimme a hand will ya?”

The Commander shook his head as he reached a hand down to Jonas. The old pirate finally managed to lift the skullcap from his eyes, then taking Volund’s hand.

The Guard Commander looked Jonas over and laughed, “Fishing and drinking. The only two things anyone can count on you for.”

“Ya got that right, Volund!” Jonas let out a loud laugh, suddenly quite lucid.

“I don’t think that it’s a good thing, Grumby.” Volund again shook his head, allowing himself a sigh. “You’re supposed to be helping me.” The Commander leaned over and picked up Jonas’ liquor bottle, handing it over.

“Ah now, don’t ya be worryin’ about,” Jonas hesitated a moment, studying his now empty bottle, “that. Me drinkin’ never be interferin’ with me work and never has, ya know that.” Jonas picked up his fishing rod, opting to cut the line instead of attempting a battle with the weeds.

Volund grinned, “I’ve got faith in you, my old friend. Just remember our agreement.” The Commander raised his voice as Jonas started to walk off, “The Royal Guard needs your old crew out of the picture!”

Jonas threw the empty bottle over his shoulder as he walked off, not missing a step as he shouted back, “Find out what happened to me whiskey, will ya?”




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  1. Wait, so I missed the thing because I forgot only to have it rescheduled because the shard went down? Not sure if I should give that a “yay” or not.

    Also, there are reports that the cupid statue isn’t working anymore..

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