Aname Update

Howdy folks… Okay little update… with a big post.

My E-Mail has had some major issues,    everything from March 11 – present time    is gone.  Like gone gone..    so If you have sent me something, (not about the statue, I’m sure I’ve fixed it thrice now) please re-send it.  Sorry for any hassle this may cause…

2. (Click the images to see them better)
Next.  I notice some players saying they have a hard time trying to read the text, wanting us to speak in all caps.
If you are using Windows you are able to use an Application called. Magnifier.

Go into.
Program Files > Accessories > Ease of Access > Magnifier.
Or search Magnifier.

What you will want to do is, at the side of your screen place a Docked version.
Then change the size to best fit what you are comfortable with/ what works best with your screen.
The way you can change the size is by selecting the top bar, right clicking then selecting Size.
Magnifer Example 4

Now that you have it docked. It will follow your cursor around, and just make things appear larger, items and text.
Magnifer Example 3
You are able to change the level of magnification to whatever works best for you.
Magnifer Example 2
You can also use this on the Journal and have it enlarged and easier to read.
Magnifer Example
This could take some getting used to but it will help if you truly have issues with seeing text as we RP.
Hopefully this will be of some help.

Events for April will be happening soon, we will get a list up shortly…  (LS EM Shortly, not normal person shortly)

Guard point system will be updated. Auto and I will look into changing it for faster promotion through the ranks…

We are also still able to do weddings if anyone wants to get married, please send us a message.
(Has to be two characters,  can not marry you to an NPC, Castle (I’ve asked), house, rock, pet, animal, etc.)


We are almost done our darts league,  come April we will have finished 9/10 of the games. Would you like us to do another set of darts? or a different game?
Let us know in the comments, or E-Mail us.

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  1. As far as darts/different game, I’ve always thought it would be awesome to have some jousting matches/tourny 😉 If this were ever a possibility I could make a bunch of UBWS lances to pass out. Just something to consider 😉

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