Some events for the month…

Okay, things are really late this month, I know. This is mainly since I’ve been busy, yell at me for that, I’m sorry 🙁
I’m also in a new time zone, Mountain standard time… So you will now notice I’ll be adding Mountain time at the end.  It will now be  CST/EST/MST  (i know MST is -7 and and EST is -5,  but the shard is a CST shard, so I put CST first!)
ANNNDDD since I don’t have my schedule up and running yet, I probably will change some of the event dates/times… If I do I will be sure to post on the site!
ANNNDDDD I may add something else, but for sure we are going to do what is on this list!

Mothers Day Covetous Dungeon Run
Sunday, May 12th
(Basically a normal Covetous Dungeon survival, except that you should spend time for mothers day first.)
8PM Central / 9PM Eastern / 7pm Mountain


Exodus Bash!~
Wednesday, May 15th
7PM Central /8PM Eastern /6pm Mountain

Darts Final!~
Sunday, May 19th
(this is also going to be a little meet and greet and usual, the darts are just to make meet and greets more fun)
7PM Central /8PM Eastern /6pm Mountain


Vesper Investigation
Tuesday, May 28th
8:30PM Central /9:30PM Eastern /7:30pm Mountain


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