A New yew Governor has been selected!

All seats are now filled for Blackthorn’s Castle.

Thank you to everyone who entered. ūüėÄ


Hear yee, Hear yee:

The town of Yew is still in need of a Governor.

King Blackthorn request that everyone who wishes to fill this position send in a quick note explaining why they feel they would be the best fit for Yew. How will “Yew” beable to make a difference?


Since the power and internet thing still is not 100%  I ask that you E-Mail:   &

Please leave out your character name, we don’t want to have bias when choosing.
Explain why you want to be governor
What you will plan to do as governor
How you will improve the city and the council.
Give one or two ideas you would like King Blackthron to read through, as if you made it to the first council meeting. (the ideas can be about how to help a town, adding new walls, building a stadium, donating to the poor, etc. just make sure there is good reason for it.)

Auto and I will look over everyones E-Mails  and share with a few other EMs.  Then when we have decided we will respond to each e-mail informing them if they have been selected or not.
Submissions may be posted on site for players to comment as well. ¬†¬†DO NOT INCLUDE: PERSONAL, ACCOUNT, OR ANY SORT OF INFORMATION¬†you feel would compromise you. ¬†Just send an e-mail with what is requested above, and try to remain as Anon as possible. We don’t want any bias, or know who you are. We just want to know how you will make the town better, etc.

DEADLINE: Saturday 20th of July, 2013.    at  8PM CST / 9PM EST

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