October Events (Changed!)

(Note: Events may be added, changed, or modified, please make sure to see the official posting on the site to be certain. Mostly we will update here as well)

October 12th – Council Meeting – 8PM CST / 9 PM EST
– Governors: Please bring one request or two for something you would like to have done. We are gotten one from Yew to have a governor house made. That detail has been passed already (tbb atm) looking for more requests!
– Citizens + : Bring your questions for your governors and your king!

October 27th – Nimrads Last Booming Boon – 7PM Cst / 8PM Est
– Be ready for battle
– You may want a Pile of snow or Mesanna Pie, etc.  for this. Just a heads up. Actually you will want one… may make a few of the monsters easier to kill…   don’t tell anyone I said anything.

October 30th   Halloween event 
– Event
– Monsters
– Dead People
– You may be attacked in towns from spawns. Log out in safe places, you have been now warned 20 days in advance.

Battle for Cove – Problem with delivery, Date TBA (again.. *sigh*)




Random Gobble De Goop: (For those that want to read)

1. Again, sorry about delay. Not like I’ve ever said that before … … … …. … … … …. .
1.5. It was because i’m trying to find when things are happening yet my agents for work are going back and forth between dates, making planning these trickier..
2. Once again congratulations Governors.
3. If you’ve not seen we have a new poll, feel free to vote
4. If you want to get married, please let us know, you get two blessed rings out of it. (no you can’t carry a castle, I’ve asked)
5. If you have 5 or more buildings together, and are part of a player town, we can get a banner for you!
6. Question: If you had the chance to add something into UO what would it be?
7. Question: If you could do any event, or get any special item, what would you want?  (UO related)


One thought on “October Events (Changed!)”

  1. 6.answer….a in game auction house similar to world of warcraft maybe linked to all shards :),and a ridable dragon 🙂 oh how I want ridable dragons.a craftable big screen tv,hahaha

    7.answer…all events are fun far as items its not always about getting items 🙂 but a big sparkly attention grabber statue of aname messana or who ever would be kewl something perty for us girl players u know lol …….

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