Events for November!!!

Friday 15th – Meet and Greet!
7pm Central/ 8PM eastern
Meet at the Britian Councilor Hall. We will discuss many a things. Afterwhich I will be locking down chairs in the Yew Court (Assuming the Governor of Yew Arrives)

Sunday 17th – Council Meeting
8pm Central / 9pm Eastern
Blackthorn’s castle.
Monthly meeting to discuss events within the towns, and the citizens needs.

Thursday 21st – Covetous Endurance
8pm Central / 9pm Eastern
Blackthorn’s castle Bridge

Monday 25th – Exodus Bash, and Key huntin’
8pm Central / 9pm Eastern
Blackthorn’s castle Bridge

Saturday 30th – Cove Final Battle? (maybe…)
Event dates subject to Change.
More details to Come, This post is to notify you that I still exist 😀

4 thoughts on “November….”

  1. I’m sure he’ll be there, so long as he has his schoolwork completed!

    Donations will be welcome, up to the time of the locking. Feel free to find me online, or any members of Lords & Ladies (they’ll drop off the donations in my mailbox). Thank you again for all of your support of Yew and the Court of Truth.

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