The following are the planned events for December. (Event dates and times may change)

  1. Meet and Greet
    Saturday December 7 2013
    7PM Cst/8PM est
    Arrive at the Malas hall of champions
  2. Blackthorns Council meeting
    Sunday December 8th 2013
    7PM CST/ 8PM Est
    Meet at BT’s council room.
  3. Decorating WBB + Other locations
    Occuring if someone or anyone in the community would like to help, or if they just want a spew of Xmas decorations….
  4. Sandy Claws!
    Sunday December 22nd 2013
    7PM CST/ 8PM Est
    Meet at the bridge before Blackthorns castle.

    lastly: Maybe Guard Promotions and a new years thing.  I’ve got the change the guard system once again, as it is a ton of work to keep updated. I will start to remove names that have not been to events in over a year.  (if they only have one or two events, if they have 30 or 40 I’ll keep them there…)

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