Marching into March

Events for March

Meet and Greet
Date: Sunday March 9 2014
Time: 7pm CST / 8 pm EST
Location: Hall of Champions / Rewards hall
Notes: Meet and greet with darts. Bring your own darts, I no longer am able to supply you D:

Blackthrons Council
Date: Friday March 14 2014
Time: 8pm CST / 9 pm EST
Location: Blackthorns Castle
Notes: There is going to be some mention to the changes with the council and the guidelines that we face at the meet and greet. If as a councilor you are unable to attend the MnG, E-Mail me.  Also there is now a NO Tolerance to not being at council meetings, if you do not attend, and do not send an E-Mail, you will be removed after the meeting. NO QUESTIONS.


Mesanna Mask Dying
Date: Saturday March 22 2014
Time: 7pm CST / 8 pm EST
Notes: Mesanna will dye masks at WBB. Only her own masks. She will also answer any questions you may have for her


The Other Half with a blast
Date: Sunday March 30 2014
Time: 7pm CST / 8 pm EST
Location: Bridge before Blackthorns castle
Notes: Steve’s story is old news. What about that girl? And the Alchemist!?!



Event chat channel will be     EM-Event

New Guard change will effect what a “guard event” is. More info at MnG

7 thoughts on “Marching into March”

  1. Aname – maybe you know this already – the Council meeting is one day before the last day of the elections.

    I’ll try to be there tomorrow, but I think I will be out. Can someone pls take notes for me?

  2. “Blackthrons Council
    Date: Friday March 14 2013”

    I’m sorry I coudnt go to the meeting because my time machine is broken and I have no other way to go back to 2013….

    VasamoriR, Governor of Vesper

  3. Good catch.
    Noted thank you…

    The meeting was actually held before the new election votes came in. So you are fine.

    I do appreciate the notice, it is good habit to be into.

  4. Just a note that I will be out of town 30 Mar till 5 April & unable to attend Council meetings…concerns were passed on to Lady Dreamy Gov of Britain to bring before the Council.

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