Clainin the Archmage relocated!

Today Lord Casca appeared in person in Luna to ask all those present to assist in relocating Clainin the Archmage to a more secure location after a recent attempt on his life.   Many showed up to aid the not quite fallen hero as he stumbled and leaned heavily on his staff during the journey to the New Haven Moongate in the company of a member of the Royal Guard.  Once outside the watchful eye of the town guards the assyembled heros were laid upon by a horde of Poison, and Blood Elemental.  Who powerful enough to summon and control these fearsome monsters is not known, but it did not bode well for the party.  Many died in the defense of Clainin, to those who fell your loyality was an inspiration to us all.  For those who lived, your heroics shall be remembered!  After the monsters were vanquished, Clainin was transported to an undisclosed location for his saftey.  All we can do is wish him well as he continues to recover.

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