As The Spiders Slowly Cripple The Realm

I am reporting that several members of the Royal Guard have extinguished the spiders from Vesper.
Taera Mi’Aken , Cruze, Drcossack, SilverDream, And My self dealt with them rather quickly.
We searched and could no longer see any evidence of spiders in Vesper.


As the Royal Guard got back from patroling Minoc and Vesper yet gain he knew that they had to find out who was behind this.  It was just too convenient that the spiders kept attacking like they did.  The guard patrols had found clues that suggested a person but who and why?

Then it struck him – as long as whoever kept doing this it kept Minoc in fear the miners were not working.  Ore was not flowing out of the mountain like it once did.  Blacksmiths and tinkers anvils grew slowly silent. Vesper’s docks grew silent also as ship sought a safe harbor to unload.  This area was slowly being crippled and soon it would be effecting the whole kingdom.

He knew then that they had to more then double their efforts in hopes of catching a glimpse or hint of who this was.  As he studied the clues left from the guard reports, he was thinking that this was perhaps someone who knew something of magic or rituals.  He went off to study in the royal library to see if any of these clues made sense.

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