December Schedule

  • 12 Dec – Meet and greet announcement of fishing winners and new stuff for the holidays. Meet at EM hall in Brit @ 7:30pm CST
  • 18 Dec – Kings Meeting @ 8pm CST – First meeting of the new governors and lead into the next event.  Make sure to attend!
  • 20 Dec – Royal Guard Muster and inspection – 8pm CST @ Castle Blackthorn Courtyard – please meet the crafters at the royal guard house @ 7:45pm CST for uniforms.
  • 21 Dec – Stolen Christmas – What happened to Christmas?  Meet at the EM Hall in Brit @ 8pm CST to help find out.
  • 28 Dec – Dart and Archery Finale – Announcement of our season of darts winners and a special holiday Archery Tourney!!!!  Please meet at the archery/darts area by the EM Reward hall in Malas @8pm CST

For the month of December/January we will hold a fishing contest for the Winter Dragonfish.  Fish  MUST BE  caught in the designated month, display the owners name and weight, caught on Lake Superior, and be able to be mounted.  The winners fish will grace the reward hall.  The goal is to display one of each of the shards top catches. Please submit entries at the mailbox just to the west of the EM Hall in Britian.

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