January Schedule

  • 15 Jan – Governors Meeting – 8pm CST at Castle Blackthorn
  • 17 Jan – Royal Guard Crafter Meeting – 8pm CST at the Royal Guard House
  • 18 Jan – Feluccia White Net/Scalis Fight – Who are we really fighting here? This is a Felucca event.  We will meet in the EM Hall in Brit and gate to Fel Buc’s Den docks.  8pm CST.  This event is open to all but please be warned it is in Felucca and I will put a small Falcon twist on it.  *evil grin* NEED DONATIONS OF WHITE NETS.  Please leave them in my mailbox at my office next to the EM Hall in Brit.
  • 25 Jan – Darts & Archery Season Opener – the arena by the reward hall in Malas – 8pm CST .  First one of the season so come get your points.  You can do one or both and change characters for either. NO HCI for the acrhery this go around. This tourney will be held on the LAST SUNDAY of the month for 10 months to get points. Points follow the same rules as last season.
  • 30 Jan – Chicken Fight Night Season Opener – Held at the arena in Felucca.  Meet at the EM in Brit @8pm CST for a ride there.  This will follow the following format this month: double elimination for the fight.  You can enter as many as 5 chickens per player and only battle chicken lizards are allowed.  There will be a hitching post provided to get your pets at the arena so do not worry about that.  There will be some really neat prizes for the winners of the series.  These fights will be held on the LAST FRIDAY of the month for 10 months.
  • 31 Jan – Meet & Greet – EM Hall in Brit @ 8 pm CST.  Let’s chat…

For the month of December/January we will hold a fishing contest for the Winter Dragonfish.  Fish  MUST BE  caught in the designated month, display the owners name and weight, caught on Lake Superior, and be able to be mounted.  The winners fish will grace the reward hall.  The goal is to display one of each of the shards top catches. Please submit entries at the mailbox just to the west of the EM Hall in Britian.

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