Guards Meeting and a Rebellion Gathering!?!

The Elite Archer Calls to Arms.   The archer wishes to overrule the throne and take power away from Dawn, while avenging his lost commander.

Dawn Calls to arms. Dawn wishes for peace to all nations and attempts to bring balance. Both wishing to see who will choose their side.

To support Dawn and the Royal Guard, meet at Castle Britannia at 8PM eastern                  7PM Central Trammel
To support the Archer, head through one of the EM created gates, which will be created near all major fel moongates. at 8PM eastern          7PM Central Fel.
Wednesday June 30th.
The archer’s group will be in Felucca, as EM’s we can not say you will be safe, make sure you insure your items, and leave valuables at home. There are chances that there will be people who want to kill you, and will attempt to do so. There is also chances for thieves to steal your items. Be sure you are prepared!!!


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