Confederate Caravan

The Guard has been receiving reports of diplomacy taking hold between Egil’s Confederacy for a Unified Sosaria and a rising radical faction from the Solen hive. A group of Confederates will be escorting several beasts of burden laden with goods to appease the Solen splinter group in the lands of Felucca.

Those that choose to aid the Confederacy caravan in Felucca will be considered by Egil as loyalists.  Guardsmen should beware giving aid to the Confederacy, however, as they may find themselves demoted or expelled.

Those wishing to provide aid to the Confederates will be able to find the leader of the caravan in Cove, Felucca.

Loyal Guardsmen, however, should meet in Minoc (Felucca) just west of the bank (by the statues).

When: Friday, November 12 at 9pm CST / 10pm EST
Where: See above

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