The Royal Guard – updated August 11, 2014

This page provides detailed information about players in the Royal Britannian Guard. The roster of player Guardsmen can be found here.

The Royal Guard are the defenders of Order and the Britannian way of life. Their primary service is to the crown. Since the death of Queen Dawn, the Royal Guard, led by Sir Geoffrey, have become the de facto military government of Britannia. Sergeant Major Wolf Ironseeker has been asked to oversee the new guard training.

Currently there are 11 “enlisted” ranks attainable by players for their part in the Royal Guard. These junior and NCO ranks will be obtained by a promotion, after a review of your training and mission records.

Various actions through your career as a Guardsman will effect your standing with your superiors. Reporting for missions and training sessions, general activity, will be of primary importance in your early days as a recruit or junior rank, as will Guard reports. Actions above and beyond, being the most effective at your Guard tasks and drills, good RP, and following orders will all contribute toward your positive stance with the Guard in the form of commendations.

However, subversive actions against the Guard, breaking order, and aiding the enemy of the Guard may result in a loss of standing, possible demotion, or even dismissal.

Any citizens who attend a sanctioned training session or aid in a mission will be considered recruits of the Guard, and will be subject to the above considerations.  Remember, only Guard activity, missions, or training will effect your standing in the Guard.

Regular EM events and non-Guard RP events will not likely earn you standing.

Ranks obtained by promotion:

guard ranks photo

Upon reaching the NCO  ranks(Cpl-SSgt), players may be expected to take responsibility for a variety of leadership rolls. Anything from personally leading a squad or task force, helping to train new Guard, to eventually controlling your own division. Your roll will reflect your rank.

Upon reaching the Senior NCO ranks(Sfc-SgtMaj)  guardsmen may be considered for appointment as a Warrant Officer. This depends on their technical expertise in a particular field within the Guard.


Certain divisions now exist in the Royal Guard, to aid in organization and recognize players for their specific skills. Guards may join a division upon reaching the rank of Private First Class.

– Royal Intelligence Corps (reconnaissance/spys)

– Royal Medic Corps (healers)

– Royal Cavalry(linesman/foot soldiers/mage/archers/direct damage)

– Royal Marines (Navy)

– Royal Animal Corps  (tamers)

– Royal Crafters Division (crafters)