Story Thus Far (June 2009 – Feb 2014)

The following are a broad overview of bits of story and fiction from events. It is not meant as a summary of all events, just key points to help one better understand the shard’s situation.

June, 2009 – Concern grows as vicious groups of pirates continue to attack merchant ships, and kidnap notable figures. The Grand Vizier to the Sultan of Nujel’m is but one of those kidnapped. Jonas Grumby, confirmed to have knowledge of the pirates in question, sets out to solve the mystery on his own. Many suspect he is behind it all.

July, 2009 – Lord Casca sentences Markett, a Royal Guard Recruitment Officer, to death for disobeying his orders. It is to be carried out in the form of gladiator combat, where Markett faces off against an array of beasts in a public arena. Casca promises him freedom if he survives. Markett, armed with nothing but a blade, survives and slays all the beasts. Against the popular opinion of the people, and to save face, Casca orders his Elite Archer to shoot Markett as he was trying to exit the arena.

August, 2009 – The armies of the Shadowlords launch a final large-scale assault on Luna, which is promptly beat back.

Casca outlaws the High Council. In a highly controversial move, he attempts the arrest of Council members with the use of hired thugs.

September, 2009 – An ancient feud is rekindeled as the Platinum and Crimson dragons battle it our near Skara Brae, Felucca. With the help of some of Britannia’s worst, the Crimson dragons and the side of Chaos wins the day.

Dawn leads the final assault against the Shadowlord entities, and comes out the victor. Dawn, invited to meet with King Casca, destroys the gemstone to which his corrupted life was bound, ending the tyrant’s life.

Dawn is crowned Queen. Makes first contact with the Gargl leader, Queen Zhah.

The strange alchemist, Nimrad, asks for aid. He needs ingredients to complete a special potion that could save his daughter.

October, 2009 – Captain Tobias Rackam of the Merchant Navy of Vesper holds an open discussion with interested Britannians on the pirate problem, and potential ties to the late Casca’s administration. As he was about to set sail, convinced he had a lead on the issue, Casca’s Elite Archer (from the Markett execution) appears and assassinates Captain Rackam.

The new Queen lifts Casca’s ban on the High Council.

Queen Dawn personally wishes to escort a care package from the Britannians to Ter Mur. Various Britannians come out to help. The caravan falls under attack by Casca’s Elite Archer and an array of mercenaries, hoping to disrupt diplomacy between Britannia and the Gargl. They succeed.

November, 2009

Nimrad the alchemist, after failing to get the items he needed for his potion, again requests aid from Britannian citizens. His potential for insanity seems to concern many.

Jonas Grumby and Nimrad meet when Nimrad takes a swig from Jonas’ bottle. Their relationship begins with Jonas trying to fillet Nimrad.

January, 2010 – Dawn calls any able Britannian to arms. After garnering permission from Queen Zhah, Dawn leads a group into the lands of Ter Mur to attempt locating and killing Casca’s Elite Archer.

February, 2010 – The need for a trained, organized, and numerous Royal Britannian Guard becomes apparent. Dawn orders a program of training to begin.

The Nexus Spirit, a being believed to be from another dimension, appears. The matter was investigated, and the new Royal Guard traces clues back to Fire dungeon.

Nimrad comes under suspicion when he shows up at Fire dungeon during the Guard investigation. He is taken into custody in a cell at the Court of Truth in Yew.

March, 2010 – The Nexus Spirit is confronted in Montor. Later in the month he is defeated.

April/May, 2010 – The Britannian Games is underway. Two months of games!

“Condemned” fiction, Nimrad’s time in Yew prison.

The Royal Guard is asked to help lead a prisoner transfer. Nimrad is being moved to the jail in Trinsic. The group making the transfer falls under attack. When an assassin appears behind Nimrad to kill him, Casca’s Elite Archer shows up and kills the assassin. The Royal Guard is perplexed by the Archer’s motives.

“Condemned” part 2, Jonas Grumby

June, 2010 – The Festival of Masks in Nujel’m is cancelled by their Sultan until his Grand Vizier, kidnapped the year before by a then unknown group of pirates, is returned to them.

By the end of the month the Vizier’s location is found. He is being held by a rising group that goes by the name of “The Confederacy for a Unified Sosaria.” The Guard leads a mission to Kos Heb, and rescues him.

Casca’s Elite Archer finally becomes known to the Guard as Egil. Egil begins recruiting new members for his Confederacy for a Unified Sosaria. He hopes to win over those made outcast by Britannia’s system of Order.

July, 2010 – A mysterious gem, later identified as the Crystal of Duplicity, is recovered from under Castle Britannia.

Orc involvement as Kos Heb has the Guard wanting answers. Their ties to Egil’s Confederacy are cemented.

The first ever State of the Guard is held.

August, 2010A final battle occurs in Britain, as the allure of the energy from the Crystal of Duplicity appears to draw them in. The attacking forces are beat back, but the crystal goes missing.

A bit of fiction, Nimrad jail ramblings.

“Failed Palaver”, Egil hopes to meet with Jonas Grumby, but is disappointed.

The Guard leads an attack against the Ghost Legion pirates. The crew who has terrorized Britannia for so long finally has a name. They were beaten, but since having joined the Confederacy they are a force to be feared.

September, 2010 – Queen Dawn and Queen Zhah wish to hold a meeting in a neutral location, but under the gaze of Dawn’s Royal Guard. Things go wrong quickly as the two Queens are briefly abducted by Confederates. They are both saved, unharmed save Zhah taking a knock on the head, but the Gargl Queen becomes disenchanted with the Britannians.

October, 2010 – The Bane Chosen invade Magincia, and attempt to kidnap Ricardo from his cell in Yew.

November, 2010 – The Confederacy for a Unified Sosaria attempts diplomatic relation with a rumored radical Solen faction. Their caravan of goods to the Solen was intercepted by the Royal Guard in Felucca, and destroyed. A new strongman within the Confederacy showed himself, an Ophidian. Many more intelligent species continue to join Egil’s group.

December, 2010 – Members of the Royal Guard are split into several teams and sent off on a series of small, seemingly unrelated missions. Milk runs, supposadly. Some of the teams found themselves ambushed by Confederate forces, and almost all heard clues relating to one “Jonas Grumby”, revealed as the original captain of the Ghost Legion pirates, who’ve since joined the Confederate cause. Jonas Grumby is currently wanted for questioning.

The Bane Chosen begin invading Britannia’s cities. Cove faced two invasion forces, finally falling to the latter.

January, 2011“Escaped?”, Nimrad seemingly escapes from jail.

Egil, leader of the Confederacy, gives a declamation in Vas Lor Reg.

The Royal Guard launches a counterattack on a Bane Chosen encampment near Vesper. The resistance is mostly light in what appears to be a workers’ camp. Strange forges were found, and bits of blackrock composite are found with notes relating to the “conduit” they are to be delivered to.

February, 2011“Wanted Alive”, Clemons and his men intend on capturing a Bane Chosen officer, for them to “interrogate”.

The first of Virtuebane’s blackrock conduits are located in Ilshenar. With these he seems able to augment his already great power. At times he even seems invincible. A successful attack is by the Royal Guard destroys it.

Queen Dawn believes she has a plan to defeat Virtuebane with Humility. She is poisoned, and killed in the process, by her lost beloved Ors. The confused Ors was being twisted and controlled by Virtuebane.

The Royal Guard continues their efforts against the Bane after Dawn’s death. They successfully destroy a 2nd conduit.

March, 2011 – An assault on a 3rd conduit is made. The Guard discover that all the blackrock conduits in Ilshenar were a ruse, and that truly Virtuebane has little interest in that particular facet. It becomes obvious that his sights are set on Felucca and Trammel.

A large assault, by Royal Guards and townsmen alike, is launched against the Bane Chosen army stronghold on the ruins of Old Magincia. Virtuebane, wounded and near death, barely manages to escape through the gate in which he entered the world. The alter, and gate with it, is subsequently blown up by the Royal Guard.

April, 2011 -A month of peace. Remaining Bane loyalists went to ground, and a loose cease-fire remained in effect between the Royal Guard and Confederacy.

Festivals, Guard training, and a bit of love in the air. Oh, and a Fluffy PK Bunny!

May, 2011 – The Britannian Games kick off for the third year, and along with a brief break for cinema spoof, dominate the month of May.

June, 2011 – It seemed like the Summer would prove to be a dull one for Royal Guardsmen. More Games, more ceasefire… nobody to fight. It wouldn’t last through June, however. During a set of evening drills at Castle Britannia, a lone and troubled farmer would appear.

July, 2011“Dress Down”, Clemons receives a chewing out from the 2nd Lieutenant for his actions at the farmlands.

A new infection, now known as L-Ag, spreads. Guardsmen locate hotspots in Trammel and Ilshenar. Monsters, seeming highly infected in the L-Ag, strike out at anyone who nears. Their exact purpose, or origin, is as of yet unknown.

Nimrad manages a message to the 2nd Lieutenant claiming he can cure the L-Ag. The 2nd Lieutenant, and a barely cooperate Clemons, lead a mission to capture the necessary ingredients.

August, 2011 – Queen Zhah, with the help of the Britannians, defeats the Defiler.

The first of the Royal Guard division trials are undertaken.

Nimrad and the Royal Guard cure the L-Ag. The crazy alchemist completes an antidote, as promised.

September, 2011 – First Sergeant Clemons leads Guard in a raid against a lizardman encampment in Ilshenar, discovering a barricaded cave. Meanwhile, the Second Lieutenant leads a detail into a Ghost Legion ambush in an attempt to recover Marcus Murphy.

Nimrad and the Mage Tower research breaching methods so that the Royal Guard may open the cave in Ilshenar. They request aid of the intellectual citizenry.

Egil releases a public statement, criticizing the Guard’s actions in Ilshenar.

October, 2011Nimrad decides Bon Iver’s “Blacknox Drill” will be most effective against the mysterious stone blocking the Ilshenar cave.

The cave is opened, and a fearsome Confederate defense awaits. A rapid-firing arrow launcher, along with Death Watch archers, prevent any overt actions. The Royal Guard’s stealthiest are sent in. Many die, but the survivors bring back extremely valuable intel.

November, 2011 – The Royal Guard completes a multiple-objective mission. The cavalry, with the support of the scouts and medics, raids a Confederate meeting at old mechanical-Blackthorn’s castle in Ilshenar. The Royal Marines intercept Jonas Grumby in Trinsic waterways, and bring him in.

A small group of Royal Guard, led by First Sergeant Clemons, raid the cave in Ilshenar. The arrow launcher, previously weakened by a courageous (and now dead) spy, is destroyed. Confederate civilians there are placed under arrest.

December, 2011 – The first Arch Mage of the new Mage Tower?

The great Christmas massacre, courtesy of the evil sugarplum fairy.

January, 2012 – Egil reaches out to prominent Britannians, hoping to turn them to the Confederacy.

Cove officially secedes from Britannia, aligning itself with the Confederacy.

Citizen protests and riots break out in most Britannian towns.

February, 2012– The Royal Guard launches a preemptive strike against Ghost Legion smuggling operations in Cove. They were using the savage dock outside Cove to smuggle goods into the recently blockaded town. A mysterious and powerful type of orc brute would show and attack the Guard.

Egil leaves another note for the Britannian populace.

The Guard learns of thousands of raiders planning to descend upon various Britannian towns.

As raids on the towns step up, so does the Royal Guard’s effort. Many assemble to defend the primary Britannian holdings.

March, 2012 – The Royal Guard launches an investigation into the continuing smuggling of goods into Cove. Part of the investigation includes solving whom the mystery orc that attacked them in Buc’s Den was, and where he came from.

Egil is granted passage into Britain, to safely meet with Commander Volund of the Royal Guard. The Royal Guard concedes the allowing of Cove fisherman to bypass the blockade; whilst receiving Confederate intelligence on the town raids in return. After Egil’s departure, a small raider force attacks Britain.

April, 2012 – Mysterious barrels are spotted around Britain.

The Royal Guard learns that these barrels, explosive in design, were stolen from the Gargl of Ver Lor Reg in Ilshenar. Britain falls under heavy raider invasion. The town guards start to fall before reinforcements from the Royal Guard rush in and push the raiders out. Some witnesses report seeing Confederate warriors aiding the Guard in the battle.

The mystery orc from Buc’s Den is traced back to an orc village in Felucca known as Gra’knobs. The Royal Guard crosses into Felucca and raids the area.

May, 2012 – Queen Zhah calls for aid from Britannian citizens as she departs on a diplomatic mission to Ver Lor Reg.

June, 2012 – The problems of Trammel have had terrible spillover in Felucca. The actions of the Confederacy, and most recently, the Exodus occupation of Ver Lor Reg. Sir Dupre comes to Trammel to offer his aid. He immediately begins planning the liberation of Ver Lor Reg, starting with supplies.

Sir Dupre, leading a Britannian army consisting of Royal Guardsmen and civilian alike, attacks the forces of Exodus. Exodus is defeated, and Ver Lor Reg is liberated.

July, 2012The Confederacy begins the formation of a militant guild, ostensibly for peacekeeping.

With the outbreak of the mysterious plague on the Gargl, Nimrad helps in the development of a cure.

[Con] guild recruitment increases. The Royal Guard considers the formation of a special platoon to counter them, the [RSSP].

August, 2012
Nimrad request guards gather “Special ingredients” to help with a “solution”. Town gathers up to murder Elder EM Autolycus for slacking in his duties. Captain Geoffrey demands that the royal guards preform mob up missions to increase their due-diligence. Promotions ensued.
The Royal Britannian Games come to a close, gold medalist awarded.
Increasingly large amount of L-Ag have been cured. Nimrad the Alchemist was able to De-L-Ag us all.

September, 2012
The Royal Guard has formally requested that Nimrad the Alchemist help repairing the damaged moongate.
To no ones surprise… Nimrad somehow gets stuck in the moongate, vanishes, and then leaves all the guards in an uproar.
Lord Blackthorn checks out the Honor Shrine and moongate where Nimrad had vanished in order to help him.
Guards go to towns to find who is remaining loyal or who is siding with the Confederates.
Guards train against the endless armies in the covetous dungeon, reaching wave 83!
Confederate Training grounds open! Everyone dies horribly!

October, 2012
Blackthorn is crowned as the KING!
Spooky House contests are held.

November, 2012
Blackthorn wishes to speak with the guards about the change in their leadership.
Guard reports speak of troubles with a “Web Site” thus all guards move out to fight against whatever “bugs” they have reported
A raid party is sent to cove in order to quickly end the war between guards and Confederates.

December, 2012
Blackthorn Personally checks on the rumors of Nimrads vanishing. Blackthorn uses powerful magic to create a ship that travels through time. The Royal Guard was able to find and rescue Nimrad… maybe something else…
New Years party is held!

January, 2013  
Clones of Nimrad have broken out due to Blackthorns spell. Guards called to action to remove the current known Nimrad clones. Guards fight long and hard for days. However more keep appearing each with their own unique characteristics!
After the successful defeat of all the Nimrad Clones. Blackthorn relaxes with a walk in honor of Brialla.
Jonas Grumby leads an investigation through the Britannian waterways.

February, 2013 
The final Nimrad Clone appears. Royal Guards quickly and swiftly dispatch of it.
Guards learn of a robotic Exodus that plagues the land. They head out to defeat him… 4 times!
Jonas continues his investigation. Guards not sure why a drunken pirate is leading them, or why the Commander of the guards is trusting this man. Suspicions arrives.
Guards move to Fel in order to investigate the claims on Counterfeit Sigils being made. Many false sigils were confiscated.

March, 2013
Nimrad speaks out to the guards about how he has become Nimrad of Present Time. Guards listen and learn exactly what happened and how he is who he is today. Nimrad still a little bit off his rocker asks people to find his “nuts”….
Guards realize that Jonas Grumby isn’t holding up to what Volund said he would be. Large scale push is made in attempts to finally solve what he started.

EM Aname explains how to use a magnifying feature to allow you to see text larger if you have bad eye sight! What a good guy.

April, 2013
Nimrad works with a shoe maker to make shoes that are faster at running away. Sadly the shoes live and start to attack everyone.
Guards train do perform more drills to be ready for combat.

May, 2013
The 10th and final game of 2013 darts occurs! Many have succeeded. Scores are posted on the Darts League Page.
Guards train against exodus again. They learn his weaknesses and strive to be able to defeat him 6 times in one hour.
Vesper begins to be investigated.

June, 2013
The first council meeting for King Blackthorn takes place. The only meeting which almost all seats attend.
Investigation of confederate camps takes place. Leads to Royal cavalry moving out to destroy a supply unit of the confederates.

July, 2013
EM Aname loses power. major flood.

Investigations of vesper prove to be fruitful. Confederate troops spotted and are attacking the citizens. Royal guard moves out to remove the threat.
Commander Volund of the Royal Britannian guards reveals to be Evil. Stabs Kimmel in front of many witnesses

August, 2013
History of Volund and Egil is revealed!
Royal guard makes a move against Confederate Military resources. The king speaks out saying he does not wish for war, and will speak to Egil about a peaceful stop.

October, 2013
Egil states he wishes for no surrender. Royal guards prepare to finally take down the confederate.
Nimrad does some strange experiments and requires guards to clean up after him. Nimrad claims these are to “help” during the battle with the confederates.

November, 2013
Elder EM Autolycus Retires from EMing this Month.
The long awaited FINAL BATTLE for cove takes place. Guards are requested to prepare to die for their cause. The battle against the confederates finally reaches an end.
Egil has died.

 January, 2014
The Governor of Magencia is seeking the aid of the Royal Guard. Strange sick people are not getting the help that they need, and a medical hut is installed.

February, 2014
An entire month of silence then suddenly a strange man named Steve arrives and asks the guards to help with some crazy adventures.  Seeking someone to help him show his love for his love…
Steve then attempts to visit the Mage Tower in hopes to become pure, to show his love even more. Avita vanishes yet Evil Steve appears!

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