Escaped?! (fiction)

There was a cacophony of sounds outside, which disturbed Nimrad’s sleep. He awoke with a headache and blurry vision…
“Dumb guards must have put too much nightshade in the mongbat soup” he thought aloud hoping one of them would hear him. Was it so much to ask for a good free meal when you were an unwilling guest in the Queen’s Prison? Guards these days just don’t know how to treat their esteemed patrons. As Nimrad became more alert  he noticed a few unsettling changes in the building that he occupied. The most bothersome was the eye watering acrid stench of something  burnt and much like rotting flesh…

Now quite alert, Nimrad looked at the walls and noticed they were not the same familiar sandstone that the jail had… It must have been some sort of construction to improve security or something… Nimrad was making good progress tunneling through the wall with the spoon he had gotten for his lunches. Despair set in as he thought that it seemed patched up now and he would have to start over.

Nimrad got up slowly, noticing that there were a few relics and interesting items now in his cell. They were things that simply wouldn’t be left to a prisoner, or even someone as important as Nimrad. He took a long deep breath and tried to focus his thoughts. He exhaled with a cough, as the smell was so bad you could taste it in the air. He called out for one of the guards.

“Sarah or Bill, you guys there? You didn’t make the mongbat soup properly again!!! Why was my cell moved? And what is with these strange smells? Are you planning on cooking me!?!” Nimrad look around for a door or a way out as he waited for a response. He started to feel nervous, “The last part was a joke, please don’t’ cook me… I taste like yellow, which I have been told is very bad, and not even the orcs would eat me,.. Hello?!?”

Nimrads voice seemed to echo throughout the room. He continued looking for a door, and was successfully unsuccessful, as he found no door, but just a simple open path way. Walking towards it, victoriously thinking that this must be the release station, and that they are done asking him questions, Nimrad started to walk out.

“… The Bane seem to be causing me some troubles, they are asking for too much, however they are doing a good job distracting the guards. They even took over Cove. This I can…” There was a voice coming from the hallway. The voice was one which Nimrad recalled. It was that of the man who saved him from being assassinated when being transported to jail.

Nimrad had to stop before the exit; the man must work for the guards since he was there during that mission. Nimrad headed back to where he was laying down, and would coincidentally wake up as the man came in.

“Get up Nimrad, I heard you yelling I know you are awake… do you really think that just laying back down would fool me?” The man asked.

“Shh, Nimrad is sleeping right now you must leave and not return for a short time” Nimrad quickly replied.

“Sure, I will just take my leave, was pleasant talking with you again!” The man signalled to his companion to leave the room. He wanted to talk to Nimrad privately anyways.

Footsteps echoed through the room and slowly became dim. Nimrad listened until he was sure the man left. He got up quickly to make his escape.

“Well it seems that you have enjoyed your nap. We will be talking now. Here have a seat,” The man tossed Nimrad a foot stool “Now Nimrad, my… Good Friend! You might not remember me, but I am that saviour… the hero… nay! The blessing which saved your life. You can call me Egil.”

“Drat…” Nimrad was over thinking his great success, that he forgot the man was talking to someone… however there was only one set of audible steps coming to up the room! Nimrad prepared himself for another one of those guard talks…

“Oh, well I know you are a very busy man, with a big mission ahead of you! I know everything about it; no I’m not one of the dumb guards that are just asking you questions off a sheet of parchment, not caring about the response. I am your friend Nimrad, and I’m hosting your stay here. I must ask for your forgiveness about the smell. I had a bit of an encounter with a guard who was trying to hurt you. He was the second lieutenant. He killed many of my men, and even burned down most of the furniture and decorations that I had. But those losses would have been nothing compared to losing you! I was able to recover your belongings and even got some of the materials that you need to complete your project.”

“You are just one of the people trying to get *it* to better yourself aren’t you? You just want the power from it! Everyone out there is. They all want to have my creation… You aren’t the first who tried to be a hero! You don’t even really know what it does do you?”

“Yes I am well aware of the power… and I’m not trying to use it for my sake, you see I have had such a hard time with the guards I have suffered much loss. My child was taken by them, and they murdered her before me…. and my master was killed all before me. I just want to have things as they should and be able to save my family…” Egils eyes started to look as if they were watering “I… only want a perfect world where everyone can be free and happy! But people keep killing and murdering! I have stained my hands once or twice, but only in protection of my loved ones… I hope you can understand this…”

These words hit Nimrad like a brick… It is almost the same thing that has happened to him. He doesn’t really understand this perfect world nonsense the man was speaking about… “Well if I am to complete it, then I will need my lab, my own time, and no set time table… even then I can’t be sure you will even understand how it works…” Nimrad felt a small bit of trust with the man.

“Oh! You are a real life saver. Here *he hands Nimrad a rune* this will allow for you to get back here. When you have completed it. If you need anything feel free to ask, I have a few resources, I am sure will be of help.” Egil’s eyes turned back to the soulless look they had before. Egil stood in front of Nimrad like the little story he had told him had no impact.

As soon as Egil was standing completely upright, a man appeared behind him and slipped him a note. He whispered a few words which Nimrad couldn’t make out and vanished as quickly as he appeared.  Egil’s face turned to anger. He quickly stormed off

“Bad news? Should I just go then?” Nimrad waited for Egil to reply, but he just left the room. Nimrad decided to follow, since he didn’t know his way around. Making sure to keep his distance, always keeping within ears distance.

“DAMN HER! The guards keep getting in our way. They seem to think they are able to control everything though their brute force. They have never tried diplomacy! Murderers all of them!” Egil was screaming that it echoed three times throughout the chambers. “I was able to convince that foolish Nimrad to work for me, at least something is going according to plan. Even if he doesn’t trust me, we will just steal it when it is completed, so that problem is out of our way. Our numbers have fallen greatly! I need to start recruiting more of the dumb creatures like yourself! DAMN THOSE GUARDS! I will rule this land one day and make it into the utopia… *laughter* I just have to kill the guards and that foolish Queen Dawn!!!” Egil tossed what would seem to be a heavy object and left the room.

Shock struck Nimrad, he was being played again. The brick wall of trust that he quickly built fell to dust. Nimrad knew now he couldn’t trust anyone… but he had heard the plans of an attack towards the queen. He had to do something as he knew Dawns grandfather, and wouldn’t want anything to happen to her. Being prepared Nimrad waited a few minutes before trying to fully exit, knowing there was another person in that room. After five minutes or more he decided that it was safe.

“Laht E an Gornak, Tli Griatizt of tli orqz! E wlat ari you joemg liri lunam. Tlez ziqtor ez for ixiquteviz omhy!” A strange orc like creature turned towards Nimrad with axe in hand.

“Egil requested me here. I am in control when he is not here! Now take me to the exit!” Nimrad didn’t think this creature could be too intelligent as I didn’t speak properly, if that was speaking…

“Lalala!!! You jo mot out ramk ni, E wehh mot novi for a hetthi nam heki yourzihf!” Gornak said, as he blocked the pathway.

“Then I will have you killed, and have someone replace you, as your treason will not be accepted here!” Nimrad wasn’t sure where this courage was coming from, he knew that the creature could understand him, and it was the only way to an exit.

“Agl. You nuzt work for Igeh for zuri. You ari qohj liartij amj lavi mo zouh. Duzt heki len, femi E wehh zlow you to tli ixet duzt jo mot zay amytlemg to len.” Gornak responded, and started walking out with a nervous wiggle.

Nimrad felt bad for the creature, and felt dirty himself for taking advantage of it. It was a safe trip to the exit on the other hand, as there were some strange creatures in the nearly empty paths and halls. It didn’t take long to reach a long path way which the orc pointed down and suggested was the exit.

“Thank you orc. I am sure you will be rewarded properly.” Nimrad said as he walked down the pathway to a moongate.

In what seemed like seconds, although actually months, Nimrad was now free… He was sure that the path to his lab would be blocked and he would need a new way to get in… He needed to think of a place of resources and magic. Thus he set forth towards Moonglow, in hope to get some assistance from the mages there….

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