Guard Roster – updated July 27, 2014

The current roster as of Sept 01, 2016.  I will update as needed.  If your name isn’t on the list simply means you have made any new points yet but I still have all the old points left by EM Aname.

Name Rank
Aira Tambe [TGC] Pvt
Allusion Pvt
Anchwor Recruit
Aphid [PBS] Lcpl
Armageddon Recruit
Arwenamin Maien Recruit
Ashe Recruit
Asu Vaynyr Recruit
Avenu Malkenu Recruit
Big John Pvt
Blend Pfc
Bless The Fall [$C$-] Recruit
Candy Cane Pvt
Cassie [L@E] Recruit
Charels Recruit
Chicken Fox Recruit
Cire [0MG!] Pvt
Clinton Bonner [JFF] Pfc
Clutch [WMH] Pvt
Cruze Recruit
Dance[DIDL] Pfc
DeathWish Recruit
Demonic [THO] Pvt
Demonix [GARG] Recruit
Devil Hanzo Recruit
Drafut Recruit
Drcossack [UOF] Recruit
Dream Catcher [OSR] Pvt
Dreamy [D&S] Cpl
Ena Recruit
Equalis Pfc
Exivall [151] Pvt
Fluffy Thrower Recruit
FusionCut [~~~] Pfc
Gidge [BoE] Recruit
Gianina Giovanni [OFO] Recruit
Guard Docter [~~~] Recruit
Gulet the Slayer Pvt
GUNDAM Recruit
Gypsy Rose [PBS] Recruit
Harv Pfc
Hawklin Lore [PBS] Pfc
HeadLikeAHole [GODZ] Recruit
Jack Wagon Recruit
Jenna Jameson [151] Recruit
JINX Of Baja [J&S] Pvt
Kalos Recruit
Kariny Stormsong [JFF] Cpl
Keebler Pvt
Keiran Pfc
Lacey Pvt
Layne Staley [D33P] Recruit
Longtoothz Recruit
Malifex Recruit
Methos Recruit
Musetta D’Canto Recruit
Na Recruit
Nails Warstein Pfc
Nathan Winfall Maa
NewfieBullet [D&S] Recruit
Niamh Recruit
Ogus Cake Pvt
Ox Recruit
Ox Rilian [151] Pvt
Pandora [~~~] Cpl
Pistofolus [151] Recruit
Qasndrugh Recruit
Rasesar Wej Pfc
Rayna [C00] Lcpl
Red LeFlow Recruit
Roland Recruit
Ryno Reno Pvt
Ryzk Lcpl
Scarlet Cloud Recruit
Shumer Lcpl
Semani Recruit
Sevven Recruit
SilverDream [F*V.] Recruit
Sky Captain Recruit
Stylus Recruit
Susie Recruit
Taeara Mi’aken Sgt
Takea Bongtoke [151] Recruit
Talon [F*V.] Recruit
Tamara [GODZ] Recruit
Tigg Recruit
Tree-Trillion Pvt
Venekor- Pvt
Victuus Recruit
Water Sprite Lcpl
Westin Recruit
ZoRN Of Dunes [LOL] Recruit

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