A Deathly Example

In a stunning show of mercy, Lord Casca has decided to make a deal with Markett.  Lord Casca has decided that Markett shall be forced to fight vicious beasts brought in from lands throughout Britannia. If he survives, he will win his freedom. If not, his public death will be an example to all to not disobey the orders of the King.

For those of you not familiar with Markett (previously Lord Markett)…he was a Royal Recruitment Officer credited with bringing many volunteers into the ranks of the Royal Guard. Lord Casca believes the man directly disobeyed his orders (though this has seen much debate) by going to the lands of Felucca to combat piracy. As an example our King decided the man shall be sentenced to death.

Lord Casca invites all to come and watch. The event will be held Sunday at 8pm CST. A special moongate will be opened at the West-Britain bank to take everyone to the arena.

5 thoughts on “A Deathly Example”

  1. Shall *King* Casca now wish the citizens of Britannia to refer to him as Ceasar?
    There is no Honor in this.
    You force a citizen to fight for his life to entertain yourself?
    Yet again your flaunt your lack of virtue and disregard the High Court of the Realm.
    Be warned Casca,your days are numbered and they are few.

    Lord IronHorse
    Governor of Trinsic

  2. *Lord Casca* *King Casca* I say *COWARD Casca* Every time he asks the citizens of Britannia to defend our land we are there but where is our so called leader, I ask you?What kind of leader sentences a man to death without a fair trail? Should we all fear for our lives just because he says we should be put to death?I have never trusted Casca and never will. I think Casca has no honor and we should rise up against the so called (king.)

  3. With Casca’s lack of regard for at least THREE of the Virtues, (Honor, Justice and Compassion.)
    that Lord British Handed down to us, and bade us to follow. It seems clear to that THE PEOPLE of the relm have no choice but to RISE UP and overthrow this Imposter and Usurper to the Throne.

  4. I just witnessed the most vile and violent event I have ever seen. This event being cruelly sponsored by our “righteous king?”
    Poor Lord Markett, after defending himself valiantly against vicious beasts, he is executed like a fish in a barrel. There was no mercy, there was no justice, there was only the blood of an innocent. Casca, you are no king, in fact, you make me nauseous.

    ** Save Britannia – Rise Up Against Casca **

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