Darts League 2016


A friendly darts competition will be held on Sunday evenings. Players are ranked by scores, highest to lowest, and assigned points based upon their rank and the number of participating players. For example, if there are 20 participants, the person that takes 1st place would earn 20 points. 2nd place would get 19 points, and so on and so forth (even last place gets a point!). Each term will last at least 10 matches or as many as the year allows, at which point we declare our winners.


Term 1 (3/3 matches played):

Name Total
Aphid 18
Belesme 15
Donavon 3
FusionCut 8
Gypsy Rose 13
Jack Wagon 8
Leeda 10
Maximillan 6
Pandora 15
Red Leflow 14
Ryzk 7
Spot Stealer 9
Sue 4
Taeara Miā€™aken 18
Will 5
Napalm 1
spot stealer 4
Poltergeist 4
Glimmerman 1

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