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Dawn. Queen?

The people have demanded it. The fiction on has made it so. Dawn is to be Queen of Britannia. She will start her duties as acting Queen immediately, until an official coronation can be held with the populace of Britannia in attendance. Stay tuned for more news as to that.

Lake Superior Hall of Champions Completed

We may still have to add the special item dedicated to the architect of this building…but the design itself has been completely incorporated and completed.

To add to it, a lovely setup has been done in the surrounding area by the ever hardworking developer, Mesanna.

Go check it out! And thanks again, Nathan Winfall, for your design.

As of now, you can still get there via the runes at the West Brit Counselor Hall, and a rune at the stage next to the bagball arena in the Luna Fairgrounds. However, we hope to soon add a teleporter/gate to take people directly without the need to recall.

New Hall of Champions design chosen!

Well, we got a few great submissions for the reconstruction of the Lake Superior Hall of Champions. It took much thought, and a great deal of debate, but in the end there was really only one submission that truly captured what was needed in an award hall.

Congratulations Nathan Winfall! Nathan’s design best captured both a sense of style and functionality. We think as our new Hall, this design will serve us well for a long time to come.

Construction on the Hall has been started, and we hope to have it completed quite soon.

Cloak of Silence

There will be two Cloak of Silence handouts at the Hall of Champions this Friday. The first will take place at 12pm (Noon) CST, the second taking place a 8pm CST. You can find a rune to the Hall out front the West Brit counselors hall, as well as at the stage in the Luna Fairgrounds.

If you cannot make it this Friday, fret not. We will have more handouts in the future.

Final March on Luna

In an intercepted message from Marcus Murphy, Scout of the Royal Guard, to the yet unnamed Captain of the Guard:

“Sir! It is my upmost belief that the Shadowlords, whom we highly believe to be behind the attacks on Luna, are staging their final assault on the city tonight! I highly recommend you call on all the guards, enlisted or volunteer, to defend the town. Let them know that any and all survivors of the massacre shall be handsomly rewarded.”

Scavenger Hunt Results

All in all, the hunt was a fun success. Roughly 18 people began the hunt, but only a handful made it to finish. At just 17-minutes before the timer for the event was to run up, a winner was found.

Congratulations are due to Jerard Slasher, whom first found all 20 items on the anagram clue list.

All the participants did great, with most solving the majority of the scrambles, and finding the proper items. Good job, everyone! May your minds get some well earned rest tonight.