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Yew Court Chairs

Attention all Crafters!

Yew court is in need of chairs! Only you are able to help!

We required chairs of two different makes
1) Trinsic Style Chair
2) Comfy Elven Chair

Donations can be made to the Governor of Yew +  Luna Rare House Mail Box

Max 2 chairs per character.  (That is 1 of each type)

At some random point we will stop accepting chairs.

Nimrads Last Boo…m

– Be ready for battle
– You may want a Pile of snow or Mesanna Pie, etc.  for this. Just a heads up.
Actually you will want one… may make a few of the monsters easier to kill…   don’t tell anyone I said anything.

October 27th
7PM Cst / 8PM Est
Nimrad’s Lab (Gates will be available at WBB, Luna Bank, NH Bank)

October Events (Changed!)

(Note: Events may be added, changed, or modified, please make sure to see the official posting on the site to be certain. Mostly we will update here as well)

October 12th – Council Meeting – 8PM CST / 9 PM EST
– Governors: Please bring one request or two for something you would like to have done. We are gotten one from Yew to have a governor house made. That detail has been passed already (tbb atm) looking for more requests!
– Citizens + : Bring your questions for your governors and your king!

October 27th – Nimrads Last Booming Boon – 7PM Cst / 8PM Est
– Be ready for battle
– You may want a Pile of snow or Mesanna Pie, etc.  for this. Just a heads up. Actually you will want one… may make a few of the monsters easier to kill…   don’t tell anyone I said anything.

October 30th   Halloween event 
– Event
– Monsters
– Dead People
– You may be attacked in towns from spawns. Log out in safe places, you have been now warned 20 days in advance.

Battle for Cove – Problem with delivery, Date TBA (again.. *sigh*)




Random Gobble De Goop: (For those that want to read)

1. Again, sorry about delay. Not like I’ve ever said that before … … … …. … … … …. .
1.5. It was because i’m trying to find when things are happening yet my agents for work are going back and forth between dates, making planning these trickier..
2. Once again congratulations Governors.
3. If you’ve not seen we have a new poll, feel free to vote
4. If you want to get married, please let us know, you get two blessed rings out of it. (no you can’t carry a castle, I’ve asked)
5. If you have 5 or more buildings together, and are part of a player town, we can get a banner for you!
6. Question: If you had the chance to add something into UO what would it be?
7. Question: If you could do any event, or get any special item, what would you want?  (UO related)


Congratulations, Governors!

Lord Blackthorn offers his congratulations to Britannia’s second elected council of governors.


Governor Bocephus Hamfist of Britain

Governor Boy of Jhelom

Governor Napalm of Moonglow

Governor Elwood of New Magincia

Governor A.J. Jameson of Minoc

Governor Wysteria of Skara Brae

Governor IronHorse of Trinsoc

Governor Sadok of Vesper

Governor Ryno Reno of Yew

Meetith and Greetith

Hello everyone,

Aname here…

So, I Believed my internet was safe… nope.
I’m going to attempt to hold a Meet and Greet, to explain and cover a few things.

1: My Apologies D:
2: The plan (with my terrible internet/ In the event it comes back)
3: Maybe a minigame.
4: open floor
5: anything that was forgotten, not not mentioned in this post.

Please meet at the EM hall, in Brit.
Sunday 28th July
8PM Cst / 9PM Est / 7Pm Mst

Aname Update!~

So It’s been about 1 day with consistent power and internet, so I feel that I may stand a chance doing an event with you guys!  (not lagging, or dropping or losing power, so I’ll get something written up soon)

Once again, I’m sorry for the lack there of events…
The big “Act of nature” that destroyed a chunk of my town has made things a touch slower than what I’ve wanted them to be.
Since I’ve planned to get a lot done this summer …

Well there are three posts today, make sure to read them all 😀

Sorry for Inactivity

Hello everyone,

As I’ve been telling some of you when I try to log in, or when I have internet…  There is a bit of a flooding issue where I live.

This has caused me to not have: phone, internet, and at time power.
Because of this, I’ve not been able to log in consistently, and I did not want to plan an event when I may crash/lose internet/lose power.

I’m alive, and will be getting some stuff written up, so that we can continue with the events. I’m sorry for the delay of the events.

And if you want to see how lovely the weather is here… The national posts caught a few good photos of the rain/flooding damages.

Flooding now has stopped and work to fix everything has begun.

Meeting Notes

Hear yee Hear Yee…

The council has met. All council members Excluding those of: Britain, Trinsic and Yew, appeared before the king. (only Yew has the excuse as it has no governor)

Some key points that were brought to the attention of the king were the following:

1. Vespers Homeless Situation
2. Increase amounts of Confederates
3. Threats of Confederate attacks
4. The situation in Cove
5. Lack of sufficient trade deals for crafters
6. War, trade, and wellness of the towns.

For full information of what was covered, please speak to your town Governor.

Guard Point System Progress Update

Howdy All,

As some of you know I’ve been working on updating our…  very out of date guard point system.

I’ve got two more events to add in, and then It’s off to Autolycus to input into the information on site.  So, hopefully there will be something posted soon, (Aname/Auto  soon, not normal human soon).
We are also looking into making progression faster, as it does take a long time   after PFC…  That is still being talked about with Auto.

To keep you occupied as we both wait…  here are some interesting facts….
Some interesting facts:

  1. We have over 1100 unique names of players in the guard point system! Woah! (So if you play more than one and want them put together let us know, we will see if we can do it….  but would be a one time only thing. Also we may not be able to do it. But if you are interested let us know!) (also we have a few pets in there, but just for reference that they are pets real total is probably closer to 1000)
  2. There have been a total of 71 Guard related events that have been awarded points! Remember this only counts Guard Related Events that are Worth Points/Experience.
  3. Only 29 players have attended 20 or more of those events! Yikes!
  4. The Guard point system has to be one two spreadsheets because it becomes too lag ridden on one.
  5. Only 6 players have attended more than 30 of our guard events! Now that is devotion.
  6. One of those six does not play with us anymore 🙁
  7. The guard point system has over 100,000 cells with code/name/event information!

Some events for the month…

Okay, things are really late this month, I know. This is mainly since I’ve been busy, yell at me for that, I’m sorry 🙁
I’m also in a new time zone, Mountain standard time… So you will now notice I’ll be adding Mountain time at the end.  It will now be  CST/EST/MST  (i know MST is -7 and and EST is -5,  but the shard is a CST shard, so I put CST first!)
ANNNDDD since I don’t have my schedule up and running yet, I probably will change some of the event dates/times… If I do I will be sure to post on the site!
ANNNDDDD I may add something else, but for sure we are going to do what is on this list!

Mothers Day Covetous Dungeon Run
Sunday, May 12th
(Basically a normal Covetous Dungeon survival, except that you should spend time for mothers day first.)
8PM Central / 9PM Eastern / 7pm Mountain


Exodus Bash!~
Wednesday, May 15th
7PM Central /8PM Eastern /6pm Mountain

Darts Final!~
Sunday, May 19th
(this is also going to be a little meet and greet and usual, the darts are just to make meet and greets more fun)
7PM Central /8PM Eastern /6pm Mountain


Vesper Investigation
Tuesday, May 28th
8:30PM Central /9:30PM Eastern /7:30pm Mountain