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Final Confrontation

Dawn is requesting all who follow her, and the path of Order and virtue, to meet an adviser of hers in whom she holds the utmost trust in. You will be able to find him at the Skara Brae Community Center (just east of the bank) on Sunday at 9 PM CST.

From there he will take you to Lady Dawn.

Order and Chaos

If you haven’t read the latest peice of EA fiction, I suggest you check out the Live Events section of the Herald.

It seems a decisive battle between the Crimson and Platinum dragons is approaching… and will be taking place in the lands of Felucca.

The outcome of the battle will affect factions, for better or worse. Come and fight. Choose your side. Will you fight to maintain Order…or spread Chaos?

Gates will be provided in all the faction bases, as well as at several Felucca moongate locations, on Saturday at 8pm CST.

End of the month fun

This Saturday we will be holding the “Dead Man Walking” Challenge. It will be a typical foot race . . .but all the participants must be dead! It will start from the primary entrance of Trinsic, and end at the Gung Farmer’s Bridge of West Britain.

Rules are simple. You may not deviate from the roadway. If you attempt to take a shortcut, you will be disqualified. You may not ressurect. You must remain “dead” for the entirety of the race.

If you can, stay in war mode so that all participants may get the ever fun image of a large group of ghosts running their little…ermm…what is it ghosts move with again?

Meet us Saturday August 29th, 7 PM CST, at the primary Trinsic entrance to participate! Hope to see you all there.

But that’s not all. On Monday, August 31st, we will be doing another Cloak of Silence handout at the Hall of Champions for those of you that have missed out thus far. You may hit a rune to the Hall at both the Counselor’s hall in West Brit, as well as at the stage in the Luna fairgrounds. We will also be providing a moongate from Luna. We will start handing out robes at 6 PM CST.

A Deathly Example

In a stunning show of mercy, Lord Casca has decided to make a deal with Markett.  Lord Casca has decided that Markett shall be forced to fight vicious beasts brought in from lands throughout Britannia. If he survives, he will win his freedom. If not, his public death will be an example to all to not disobey the orders of the King.

For those of you not familiar with Markett (previously Lord Markett)…he was a Royal Recruitment Officer credited with bringing many volunteers into the ranks of the Royal Guard. Lord Casca believes the man directly disobeyed his orders (though this has seen much debate) by going to the lands of Felucca to combat piracy. As an example our King decided the man shall be sentenced to death.

Lord Casca invites all to come and watch. The event will be held Sunday at 8pm CST. A special moongate will be opened at the West-Britain bank to take everyone to the arena.

Reward Hall Reconstuction Challenge

Reward hall Reconstuction Challenge!

The “Hall of Champions” is in need of a face lift.  As such, we are asking you, the players, to submit their own design of what you think the reward hall should look like.

The hall is an 18×18 building that needs to appear grand and lush. There shouldn’t be a lot wasted space, or unusable space. Fountains, Rock garden, waterfalls, ponds, and other decorative things are okay. It would be preferable to have all 4 floors usable/accessible, since we need to place trophies down.

It is suggested you use a Test Center shard to place an 18×18, so that you don’t have to modify your existing player house.

Send all entries to with a CC to . Pictures showing every floor and part of the house will be required. You may enter as many designs to this contest as you wish.

The winner of the reconstruction event will receive a permanent plaque honoring them as the architect of the the building in the Hall of Champions.

The deadline for submissions will be August 31st.

Luna invaded!

Many dark creatures descended upon Luna Tuesday night, including several manifestations of the Shadowlords. The players, as well as the town guards, did a great job holding the raiders back.

Even the guards found themselves overwhelmed, however, as a number of creatures broke through their protectice barrier, wreaking havoc throughout the Luna town center.

It appears order has been reobtained, for now.


Apparently Lord Casca has ordered the placement of special lanterns around Britannia and Malas, requesting the attendance of all to Castle Britannia. He will meet in the throne room Friday, 8pm CST to deliver a speech regarding recent happenings.

Lets see what the elf King has to say.

A Savanna Trench Mugger

This Friday, July 31st, at 7pm CST come meet us by the Jhelom bank (Felucca facet, so all may participate) for our first ever “Anagram Scavenger Hunt”!

The game will be simple.  Every player will be able to get a list of anagrams (basically a word scramble). You will have to figure out which item in UO is being scrambled, and gather that item.

The participants will have until 9pm CST to gather the items. After they gather them, they will have to solve another anagram to find the location the EMs will be waiting at. The first person to find us and show us all the items on the list wins!