A Savanna Trench Mugger

This Friday, July 31st, at 7pm CST come meet us by the Jhelom bank (Felucca facet, so all may participate) for our first ever “Anagram Scavenger Hunt”!

The game will be simple.  Every player will be able to get a list of anagrams (basically a word scramble). You will have to figure out which item in UO is being scrambled, and gather that item.

The participants will have until 9pm CST to gather the items. After they gather them, they will have to solve another anagram to find the location the EMs will be waiting at. The first person to find us and show us all the items on the list wins!

The Festival of Masks

Summer is in the air. The sunshine, the warmth, beautiful beach weather. What better place to celebrate it than the humid subtropical City of Pleasure, Nujel’m?

The Festival of Masks will commence Thursday June 18th, at 9pm CST, in the Felucca facet (no worries, the town guards will protect you). Anyone wearing a mask will be considered part of “the game”.

The games rules are simple. You must pretend to not know anyone else in a mask. There shall be food, drink, and revelry for all. Throughout the Festival a masked man will walk the crowd. He will carry within his backpack the “Eye of Dahsk”. The primary objective of the game is to find this prize, steal it, and turn it over to the Festival’s Master of the Ceremonies. The winner of the game will be recognized in the Hall of Champions.

Moongates will be provided within the guard zone of Brit’s Fel Moongate, to offer safe passage to the town for those without runes. For you thieves without snooping, fear not. The one whom carries the eye will keep very few objects in his pack, to allow for a “random steal” to be made (targeting the person or his pack with stealing instead of snooping first). Thieves of any skill level should be able to participate, as long as their character is a member of the thieves guild. If you have at least 60 stealing, and your character has logged 48 hours or more of time in game, then you are set to join. A thief guildmaster can be found in every Britannian town, Fel or Tram. I suggest looking in Cove, since it is so small.

You’d be best not to bring any valuable items that you cannot insure or bless. You can never trust such a high collection of thieves in one area, even with the ever vigilent town guards.

Thief or tamer, human or elf, PvM’er or PvP’er, blue or red, there should be fun for all at the Festival of Masks! Hope to see you all Thursday!

Pirate Sightings

It has recently come to my attention that there have been many sightings of pirates in recent days. Most reports seem to be originating from Vesper and, of course, Buc’s Den.

The Merchant Navy in Vesper is getting restless, having lost upwards of five ships already, and I am afraid they will mobilize and take drastic action against these vicious bands of corsairs.

I plea with you all, help me investigate the sources of these rumors. So far most information I’ve received has come in the form of an old rambling drunk that wanders around Britain, named Jonas Grumby. How trustworthy his information is, or his own involvement, I do not yet comprehend.

Until next time, stay safe on the seas!

Big Fish Tournament!

Sharpen your hooks. Replace that frayed line. The Britannian Games continue this Saturday (8pm CST) with the Big Fish Tournament.

All participants of the Big Fish Tournament will be given 2 hours to attempt to fish up a big fish.  The heaviest weight wins with the next heaviest taking second, third heaviest third and so on.

Ships will be provided, we will be meeting and launching from the Trinsic (Trammel) docks. You will not be able to leave your ship once the contest starts, so be sure you bring all the supplies you’ll need to fight serpents.

Let’s Name Those Babies

The juvenile cave dwellers (you know the ones, you may have helped violently massacre their mother) have been eating and living well in Mt. Kendall for some time now.

The Minocian people have been visiting the little beasties, acclimating them to humans.

Anyhow, to get to the point…I’ve remade the bulletin board on the west wall in the Planning Center (the little house adjacent to the Counselor’s Hall in West Britain) for name ideas to be posted to.

Paleonbiologists, specializing in the field of the ancient Gargoyle race, have confirmed that these creatures are, in fact, not of the gargoyle species. They believe them to be an ancient offshoot of the species…far less intelligent, and lacking the development of eyes. The appearance of actual gargoyles near the cave is yet to be understood.

In their studies, however, they determined that both of the youth are male. Brothers.

Head on over to the Planning Center with any name ideas you have. Keep them appropriate, or even through an RP sense. Through a series of Q&A Q&A’s (*snickers at his lame joke*) and community meets we will find the best names for the little buggers.

Olympics Start Back Up Again

We hope that extra week off was time for all our athletes to get pumped up for the upcoming events!

This Thursday will kick off the first two events of the week, with Darts and Human Chess!

Thursday – Meet at the Luna Fairgrounds next to the bagball arena for both events.

Darts will be at 6pm CST, Human Chess at 8pm CST. Meet at the Luna Fairgrounds (next to the bagball arena) to participate. We hope to see you all there!