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Ingredient collection halted!

The Mage Tower believes to have all the ingredients necessary to create a powerful enough charge. With it they will be able to aid Serpent Isle in punching through the dense island rock.

Some time ago Serpent Isle began work on its sewer systems, hoping to upgrade the town’s public works after their recent recognition from the Crown. Their diggers didn’t make it very far, however, before hitting a stone unlike any they’ve ever seen before. Unable to pick, shovel, or blast their way through it they have requested the aid of the Mage Tower.

Confident that their new explosive will work, the Tower hopes to present their plan to Serpent Isle in the coming days.

All are thanked for their contributions to the effort. The Tower will be recognizing those contributors.

You can read the player-written back-story here.

Tram Tower in need of ingredients

The Mage Tower seems to have concocted an ingenious explosive, that should help penetrate the hard rock of Serpent Isle.

Please read this  player fiction from Myrkrid Ashen.  If you figure the clues needed,  try to contribute the ingredients to the Tower’s mailbox (located behind Encyclopedia Magika outside of Moonglow, Trammel).  Top contributors will be recognized.

Update: For those that refuse or are otherwise unable to go to the original source of the player-written fiction (Stratics), I have taken the liberty of copy and pasting it to our site here. Thank you, Tabbitha, for the suggestion.

Update: The mechanics of the bomb have been completed, and the Tower is confident they’ll soon have enough explosive to fill it. Small ingredient donations are still welcome.

Hear Ye, Townsmen! Gather 'Round!


Auto and I are now in the boat with a bunch of other crazy people and are going to be doing our best to recognize you player run towns. How will we be doing this? Well….

Firstly you need to qualify and to do so you need a few things,

1) Buildings
5-10 Village/Hamlet
11-20 Town
21-30 City
31+ Kingdom/Empire/City-State

2) An active community.

Simple right? ^_^

So you are now qualified to get recognized as a town, now the hard part comes… We need to meet up with you and talk, and see the locations and verify that your numbers are correct, and that there is houses. (IE. You say you have 38 people but really only have 21)
Next we need you to find a lovely open spot and design a banner, now you need to be sure that this wont block major housing placement, and that it is rather small, no building a tower as your banner.  Some examples can be seen here…   and here!

Now you have finished your banner so you need to contact us, Make sure you contact both of us, since this is a slow process if you don’t it can become a lot longer.
@   and

New Years Gala

Join us Thursday (Dec 31) night to drink, eat, have fun, and bring in 2010!

We’ll kick off the party around 9pm CST at the Luna fairgrounds. Once we’re good and stuffed on food and booze we’ll begin a few small events for those of you driven towards competition. All leading up to the final “countdown” to the new years (based on CST/GMT-6).

Don’t forget some fireworks!

Reward Hall Reconstuction Challenge

Reward hall Reconstuction Challenge!

The “Hall of Champions” is in need of a face lift.  As such, we are asking you, the players, to submit their own design of what you think the reward hall should look like.

The hall is an 18×18 building that needs to appear grand and lush. There shouldn’t be a lot wasted space, or unusable space. Fountains, Rock garden, waterfalls, ponds, and other decorative things are okay. It would be preferable to have all 4 floors usable/accessible, since we need to place trophies down.

It is suggested you use a Test Center shard to place an 18×18, so that you don’t have to modify your existing player house.

Send all entries to with a CC to . Pictures showing every floor and part of the house will be required. You may enter as many designs to this contest as you wish.

The winner of the reconstruction event will receive a permanent plaque honoring them as the architect of the the building in the Hall of Champions.

The deadline for submissions will be August 31st.

Pirate Sightings

It has recently come to my attention that there have been many sightings of pirates in recent days. Most reports seem to be originating from Vesper and, of course, Buc’s Den.

The Merchant Navy in Vesper is getting restless, having lost upwards of five ships already, and I am afraid they will mobilize and take drastic action against these vicious bands of corsairs.

I plea with you all, help me investigate the sources of these rumors. So far most information I’ve received has come in the form of an old rambling drunk that wanders around Britain, named Jonas Grumby. How trustworthy his information is, or his own involvement, I do not yet comprehend.

Until next time, stay safe on the seas!

Let’s Name Those Babies

The juvenile cave dwellers (you know the ones, you may have helped violently massacre their mother) have been eating and living well in Mt. Kendall for some time now.

The Minocian people have been visiting the little beasties, acclimating them to humans.

Anyhow, to get to the point…I’ve remade the bulletin board on the west wall in the Planning Center (the little house adjacent to the Counselor’s Hall in West Britain) for name ideas to be posted to.

Paleonbiologists, specializing in the field of the ancient Gargoyle race, have confirmed that these creatures are, in fact, not of the gargoyle species. They believe them to be an ancient offshoot of the species…far less intelligent, and lacking the development of eyes. The appearance of actual gargoyles near the cave is yet to be understood.

In their studies, however, they determined that both of the youth are male. Brothers.

Head on over to the Planning Center with any name ideas you have. Keep them appropriate, or even through an RP sense. Through a series of Q&A Q&A’s (*snickers at his lame joke*) and community meets we will find the best names for the little buggers.

Olympics Start Back Up Again

We hope that extra week off was time for all our athletes to get pumped up for the upcoming events!

This Thursday will kick off the first two events of the week, with Darts and Human Chess!

Thursday – Meet at the Luna Fairgrounds next to the bagball arena for both events.

Darts will be at 6pm CST, Human Chess at 8pm CST. Meet at the Luna Fairgrounds (next to the bagball arena) to participate. We hope to see you all there!