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Rules for the “Nakid Race”

  1.  You must be totally naked except for ONE pair of sandals worn on your person.
  2. No mounts of any kind (or flying)
  3.  NOTHING in your backback. This means no spell or runebooks. Yes I will check you before you enter the race area.  (Exceptions are unmovable items i.e. Bedlam Tuition form etc.)
  4. First person to complete the lap ALIVE will advance to the next round.
  5. If you  die you must start the lap over. There is a healer at the healer station you must resurrect at and come back in.
  6. There will be 5 racers in each heat.  Race starts and finishes at the yellow line.

We meet at the Yew Abby/Bank at 8pm CST.  Anyone not entering the race watch from the inside of the track.  Runners wait at the entrance for inspection. We will have as many heats as there are runners!!!

July Schedule

July 06 – Spider Attacks Part 2 – meet the Sergeant Major at the EM Hall in Britian at 7pm CST.

July 12 -“Nakid Foot Race” – 8pm CST  at the track behind Yew Abby (rules to be posted)

July 17 – Kings Meeting  – Castle Blackthorn 8pm CST

July 20 – Darts League – Reward hall dart arena

July 24 – Royal Guard Meeting – promotions/uniform inspection/training  “Void Pool”

July 28 – Meet and Greet at the Brit EM Hall 7pm CST

For the month of July we will hold a fishing contest for the Autumn Dragonfish.  Fish  MUST BE  caught in July, display the owners name and weight, caught on Lake Superior, and be able to be mounted.  The winners fish will grace the reward hall.  The goal is to display one of each of the shards top catches. Please submit entries at the mailbox just to the west of the EM Hall in Britian.

Guardsmen Muster

Castle Blackthorn Courtyard 7pm CST

 *in uniform & ranks*

We have a few things on the table to discuss with the guardsmen as well as a couple promotions this month.

Of course there are the spiders and this Vaeg the Sorcerer.  If he is behind the spider attacks, he needs to be stopped.  He is after something and we have to figure out what it is.  I fear he maybe after our beloved King.

We shall also discuss the guardsmen house, as well as some training events.