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June Events

Here’s the tenative schedule for June:

06 June – Spiders Attack – Castle Blackthorn Courtyard 7pm CST
15 June – Guardsmen Muster – Castle Blackthorn Courtyard 7pm CST *in uniform & ranks*
19 June – King’s Meeting – Castle Blackthorn 7pm CST
22 June – Darts League – Reward Hall 7pm CST
27 June – Archery Competition – Reward Hall 7pm CST
29 June – Meet and Greet – EM Hall Brit – 7pm CST

I will have more details as it gets closer to each event

The Spider Attacks

To Major Wolf Ironseeker;

During my patrol of the Minoc/Vesper area, I came across what I believe to have been a surviving infiltrator of the battle at Minoc the previous day.  The spider was apparently attempting to stay hidden from patrols by wading in the river while moving from Minoc towards Vesper.

After surveying the area and not finding any additional enemy forces, I proceeded to fish out and exterminate the insect.  With assistance from DrCossack and Lord Equalis, the creature was dealt with in a timely manner.

Taeara Mi’Aken, Woman at Arms, Royal Guard Medic Corps

As he sat at his desk and looked over the last report he knew that things were getting worse.  Reports coming in from all over the Minoc Vesper area of increasing spider attacks, seems as though they were heading to something bad.


As he sits back to contemplate his next move, a guardsmen comes running in.

“Sir,” as he barley catches his breath. “Sir, the Minoc mines, the spiders, someone sited preforming rituals, they.. they..”

Slow down, what has happened?”

“Sir, there was some sort of sorcerer spotted in the area of the mines.  We think he has something to do with the spiders that have been attacking the area.  He had a small pouch on him containing some vials of blood, mushrooms, spider webs, and fire materials.  He got away before we could capture him.  We think he is hold up somewhere in the mines outside of Minoc but we can’t get near there with all these spiders.”

He knew what needed to be done then.  Sergeant Major Wolf Ironseeker is asking everyone, guardsmen or not, to help assault the mines in Minoc and put these spiders and whoever is behind them to rest once and for all.  Please assemble in the courtyard outside of Castle Blackthorn on Friday June 6th at 7pm CST ready for a fight.

[EM Event] Governor’s Meeting May 15 @7pm CST

The King has asked that all governor’s assemble on Thursday May 15, at 7pm CST to discuss the problems of the realm. He has also requested that a small honor guard be dispatched from the Royal Guard due to recent circumstances that have come to his attention.
We shall be following the these guidelines :

Pirate Sightings

It has recently come to my attention that there have been many sightings of pirates in recent days. Most reports seem to be originating from Vesper and, of course, Buc’s Den.

The Merchant Navy in Vesper is getting restless, having lost upwards of five ships already, and I am afraid they will mobilize and take drastic action against these vicious bands of corsairs.

I plea with you all, help me investigate the sources of these rumors. So far most information I’ve received has come in the form of an old rambling drunk that wanders around Britain, named Jonas Grumby. How trustworthy his information is, or his own involvement, I do not yet comprehend.

Until next time, stay safe on the seas!