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The Spider Attacks

To Major Wolf Ironseeker;

During my patrol of the Minoc/Vesper area, I came across what I believe to have been a surviving infiltrator of the battle at Minoc the previous day.  The spider was apparently attempting to stay hidden from patrols by wading in the river while moving from Minoc towards Vesper.

After surveying the area and not finding any additional enemy forces, I proceeded to fish out and exterminate the insect.  With assistance from DrCossack and Lord Equalis, the creature was dealt with in a timely manner.

Taeara Mi’Aken, Woman at Arms, Royal Guard Medic Corps

As he sat at his desk and looked over the last report he knew that things were getting worse.  Reports coming in from all over the Minoc Vesper area of increasing spider attacks, seems as though they were heading to something bad.


As he sits back to contemplate his next move, a guardsmen comes running in.

“Sir,” as he barley catches his breath. “Sir, the Minoc mines, the spiders, someone sited preforming rituals, they.. they..”

Slow down, what has happened?”

“Sir, there was some sort of sorcerer spotted in the area of the mines.  We think he has something to do with the spiders that have been attacking the area.  He had a small pouch on him containing some vials of blood, mushrooms, spider webs, and fire materials.  He got away before we could capture him.  We think he is hold up somewhere in the mines outside of Minoc but we can’t get near there with all these spiders.”

He knew what needed to be done then.  Sergeant Major Wolf Ironseeker is asking everyone, guardsmen or not, to help assault the mines in Minoc and put these spiders and whoever is behind them to rest once and for all.  Please assemble in the courtyard outside of Castle Blackthorn on Friday June 6th at 7pm CST ready for a fight.

As The Spiders Slowly Cripple The Realm

I am reporting that several members of the Royal Guard have extinguished the spiders from Vesper.
Taera Mi’Aken , Cruze, Drcossack, SilverDream, And My self dealt with them rather quickly.
We searched and could no longer see any evidence of spiders in Vesper.


As the Royal Guard got back from patroling Minoc and Vesper yet gain he knew that they had to find out who was behind this.  It was just too convenient that the spiders kept attacking like they did.  The guard patrols had found clues that suggested a person but who and why?

Then it struck him – as long as whoever kept doing this it kept Minoc in fear the miners were not working.  Ore was not flowing out of the mountain like it once did.  Blacksmiths and tinkers anvils grew slowly silent. Vesper’s docks grew silent also as ship sought a safe harbor to unload.  This area was slowly being crippled and soon it would be effecting the whole kingdom.

He knew then that they had to more then double their efforts in hopes of catching a glimpse or hint of who this was.  As he studied the clues left from the guard reports, he was thinking that this was perhaps someone who knew something of magic or rituals.  He went off to study in the royal library to see if any of these clues made sense.

[EM Fiction] Royal Guard Reports

I received this by pidgeon last night:


I have inspected the forest west of Vesper in search of the queen. I searched as far as west of Minoc.
I found no evidence of a Queen. However i did run into some Giant Spiders gathered together which seemed unusual since i have never seen that many spiders gathered in the open. I quickly disposed of them and continued my search but found nothing else suspicious.

Rayna – Unranked Guard.

So Much Death, So Much Blood.

As Sergeant Major Wolf Ironseeker returned to the castle, he knew they were in for a fight.  As his squire helped remove his armor he saw all the dents and blood.  So much death tonight…


They were getting so much stronger, even laying waste to the Animal Corps trained dragons…


Citizens where fleeing and crying for help…



The Royal Guards had found a few clues, hot coals, blood, and mushrooms, but what did it all mean?  Who was behind all this and what did they want?

He hoped the king had some answers in the meeting tomorrow night. He hoped for the sake of Minoc and Vesper they could drive the spiders back, find the queen and defeat it.   He hoped that his guard would find whoever was behind this and put a stop to it. He could only hope…