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[EM Fiction] Royal Guard Reports

I received this by pidgeon last night:


I have inspected the forest west of Vesper in search of the queen. I searched as far as west of Minoc.
I found no evidence of a Queen. However i did run into some Giant Spiders gathered together which seemed unusual since i have never seen that many spiders gathered in the open. I quickly disposed of them and continued my search but found nothing else suspicious.

Rayna – Unranked Guard.

So Much Death, So Much Blood.

As Sergeant Major Wolf Ironseeker returned to the castle, he knew they were in for a fight.  As his squire helped remove his armor he saw all the dents and blood.  So much death tonight…


They were getting so much stronger, even laying waste to the Animal Corps trained dragons…


Citizens where fleeing and crying for help…



The Royal Guards had found a few clues, hot coals, blood, and mushrooms, but what did it all mean?  Who was behind all this and what did they want?

He hoped the king had some answers in the meeting tomorrow night. He hoped for the sake of Minoc and Vesper they could drive the spiders back, find the queen and defeat it.   He hoped that his guard would find whoever was behind this and put a stop to it. He could only hope…



[EM Event] Governor’s Meeting May 15 @7pm CST

The King has asked that all governor’s assemble on Thursday May 15, at 7pm CST to discuss the problems of the realm. He has also requested that a small honor guard be dispatched from the Royal Guard due to recent circumstances that have come to his attention.
We shall be following the these guidelines :

Beware – Scout spiders spotted outside Vesper

From the report of Recruit Clutch –

            I was just patrolling though Vesper and found some Drone Scout Spiders. Travelers BEWARE! dronescout.jpg

It seems that we are being scouted. I also received reports from several guardsmen of them engaging multiple of these “scout spiders” in the woods outside of Vesper.  I urge all guardsmen to patrol there to track down where these spiders are coming from and how we can stop them.  I intend to report this matter to the king, as it seems they are after something in Vesper.  Any clues could be helpful so I urge the Royal Guard to maintain patrols through the wooded area from Vesper to Minoc.


Sergeant Major Wolf Ironseeker

The Royal Guard Ranks & Points

Below I have listed everyone who made the roll call at least once in the past two days and your points total and rank.  I will not be telling you how many points it is to each rank nor how many points you get per event.  The names in red are due a promotion and I will be getting those names in and we shall do a ceremony for promotions sometime in the near future.  I hope this will clear up any questions and concerns you all have in this respect.

Name Total Rank
Aira Tambe [TGC] 213 Pvt
Anchwor 7 None
Arwenamin Maien 9 None
Ashe 2 None
Avenu Malkenu 11 None
Blend 322 Pfc
Bless The Fall [$C$-] 7 None
Cassie [L@E] 2 None
Charels 19 None
Chicken Fox 9 None
Clinton Bonner [JFF] 457 Pfc
Clutch [WMH] 28 None
Cruze 7 None
DeathWish 2 None
Demonix [GARG] 56 None
Dream Catcher [OSR] 107 Pvt
Dreamy [D&S] 571 Lcpl
Ena 11 None
Equalis 407 Pfc
Fluffy Thrower 7 None
FusionCut [~~~] 376 Pfc
Gidge [BoE] 37 None
Gianina Giovanni [OFO] 69 None
GUNDAM 27 None
Hawklin Lore [PBS] 256 Pfc
HeadLikeAHole [GODZ] 7 None
Jack Wagon 31 None
JINX Of Baja [J&S] 177 Pvt
Kalos 7 None
Keebler 178 Pvt
Malifex 17 None
Musetta D’Canto 7 None
Nails Warstein 249 Pvt
NewfieBullet [D&S] 12 None
Ogus Cake 106 Pvt
Pandora [~~~] 1008 Cpl
Rasesar Wej 406 Pfc
Rayna [C00] 43 None
Red LeFlow 17 None
Roland 14 None
Ryno Reno 93 Pvt
Semani 11 None
Sevven 16 None
SilverDream [F*V.] 17 None
Sky Captain 7 None
Taeara Mi’aken 1283 Maa
Talon [F*V.] 2 None
Tamara [GODZ] 72 None
Venekor- 181 Pvt
Westin 2 None
ZoRN Of Dunes [LOL] 11 None