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[EM Fiction] Royal Guard Reports

I received this by pidgeon last night:


I have inspected the forest west of Vesper in search of the queen. I searched as far as west of Minoc.
I found no evidence of a Queen. However i did run into some Giant Spiders gathered together which seemed unusual since i have never seen that many spiders gathered in the open. I quickly disposed of them and continued my search but found nothing else suspicious.

Rayna – Unranked Guard.

[EM Event] Governor’s Meeting May 15 @7pm CST

The King has asked that all governor’s assemble on Thursday May 15, at 7pm CST to discuss the problems of the realm. He has also requested that a small honor guard be dispatched from the Royal Guard due to recent circumstances that have come to his attention.
We shall be following the these guidelines : http://stratics.com/community/threads/atlantic-primer-for-the-conseil-du-roi.305636/

Beware – Scout spiders spotted outside Vesper

From the report of Recruit Clutch –

            I was just patrolling though Vesper and found some Drone Scout Spiders. Travelers BEWARE! dronescout.jpg

It seems that we are being scouted. I also received reports from several guardsmen of them engaging multiple of these “scout spiders” in the woods outside of Vesper.  I urge all guardsmen to patrol there to track down where these spiders are coming from and how we can stop them.  I intend to report this matter to the king, as it seems they are after something in Vesper.  Any clues could be helpful so I urge the Royal Guard to maintain patrols through the wooded area from Vesper to Minoc.


Sergeant Major Wolf Ironseeker

The Royal Guard Ranks & Points

Below I have listed everyone who made the roll call at least once in the past two days and your points total and rank.  I will not be telling you how many points it is to each rank nor how many points you get per event.  The names in red are due a promotion and I will be getting those names in and we shall do a ceremony for promotions sometime in the near future.  I hope this will clear up any questions and concerns you all have in this respect.

Name Total Rank
Aira Tambe [TGC] 213 Pvt
Anchwor 7 None
Arwenamin Maien 9 None
Ashe 2 None
Avenu Malkenu 11 None
Blend 322 Pfc
Bless The Fall [$C$-] 7 None
Cassie [L@E] 2 None
Charels 19 None
Chicken Fox 9 None
Clinton Bonner [JFF] 457 Pfc
Clutch [WMH] 28 None
Cruze 7 None
DeathWish 2 None
Demonix [GARG] 56 None
Dream Catcher [OSR] 107 Pvt
Dreamy [D&S] 571 Lcpl
Ena 11 None
Equalis 407 Pfc
Fluffy Thrower 7 None
FusionCut [~~~] 376 Pfc
Gidge [BoE] 37 None
Gianina Giovanni [OFO] 69 None
GUNDAM 27 None
Hawklin Lore [PBS] 256 Pfc
HeadLikeAHole [GODZ] 7 None
Jack Wagon 31 None
JINX Of Baja [J&S] 177 Pvt
Kalos 7 None
Keebler 178 Pvt
Malifex 17 None
Musetta D’Canto 7 None
Nails Warstein 249 Pvt
NewfieBullet [D&S] 12 None
Ogus Cake 106 Pvt
Pandora [~~~] 1008 Cpl
Rasesar Wej 406 Pfc
Rayna [C00] 43 None
Red LeFlow 17 None
Roland 14 None
Ryno Reno 93 Pvt
Semani 11 None
Sevven 16 None
SilverDream [F*V.] 17 None
Sky Captain 7 None
Taeara Mi’aken 1283 Maa
Talon [F*V.] 2 None
Tamara [GODZ] 72 None
Venekor- 181 Pvt
Westin 2 None
ZoRN Of Dunes [LOL] 11 None